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B’chasdei Hashem, Shomron Terror Attack Thwarted

Two PA (Palestinian Authority) residents of Shechem were stopped by police and border police who felt they were suspicious. The two, who arrived in the area of Yishuv Tapuach by cab, were heading towards a checkpoint when authorities became suspicious. Realizing they aroused the suspicions of the security forces they fled, but were apprehended.

They were found to be in possession of five pipe bombs, a pistol and ammunition, which officials’ report they planned to use in a terror attack at Tapuach. The suspects were taken into custody. Bomb demolition technicians neutralized the bombs without incident.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. They should also find out the details of the taxi driver and company that dropped off those two, for future reference.
    In America, those police and border guards would have been arrested for profiling and would be treated as trash.
    Obama would show up and say the two terrorists are really only insurgent peace warriors and that they look like they could be his sons.
    Justifiably and righteously, in Israel those police are HEROES!!

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