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ALERT – Oberlander Bakery Recalls Kosher For Pesach ‘Chocolate Kokosh Cake’

ALERT – Oberlander Bakery is issuing a voluntary recall on their Kosher For Pesach ‘Chocolate Kokosh Cake’.

The following was just sent to all the stores carrying the product and was just released to YWN:

Dear valued customer:

This is to inform you of our voluntary product recall involving our entire production of Oberlander Gluten Free Brand “Chocolate Kokosh Cake” chocolate filled cake shipped to you (the stores).

The product comes in a 16 ounce, clear plastic package with a wraparound label.

It is marked with a “last date sale” of April 30 printed on the back of the label and further identified with UPC
#43711 18093 7.

This is the only effected product
See attached picture of the Chocolate Kokosh Cake label and package.

This voluntary recall was initiated on April 5, 2017 after it was discovered that the almond paste-containing cake was distributed in packaging that revealed in the ingredient declaration the presence of “kernel paste” instead of “almond paste”.

Consumers who have allergies to almonds run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.

Please immediately examine your inventory and quarantine the entire stock of Chocolate Kokosh Cake. In addition, if you may have further distributed this product, please identify those customers and notify them at once of this product recall. Your notification to your customers may be augmented by including a copy of this recall notification letter.

Those who have purchased “Chocolate Kokosh Cake” should return the product to its place of purchase for a full refund.

This recall should be carried out to the consumer level.

Your assistance is appreciated and necessary to prevent consumer illness.

This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.

Mordechai Oberlander – President

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

5 Responses

  1. People should announce it in shuls. Not everyone reads online. My nephews are allergic to nuts. I take this seriously. Don’t be embarrassed to tell people . Lots of stuff get around by talking.

  2. To No. 1

    Your point is well taken. Even a small amount of an almond/nut extract can cause severe reactions among those who have allergies to nuts. Your posting also highlights why everyone needs to have online access (with proper filters if that is a concern) simply to have real time awareness to this type of alerts.

  3. I’m not understanding the hype here. The label says “Made in a facility that processes tree nuts”. Anyone seriously allergic to tree nuts should already be looking for that information. Additionally, they would or should be aware that kernel paste is not safe for them to consume.

  4. To no.3

    We know well that certain people have allergies to specific types of nuts; almonds are a good example of a single nut allergy affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

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