Hikind, NYC Dot Review Studies For Off-Hour Deliveries On Main Thoroughfares


Boro Park and Midwood traffic congestion may finally lighten up. Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) met today with Brooklyn Department of Transportation Commissioner Keith Bray and his staff to review the DOT’s findings as it studies replacing business-hour deliveries with off-hour deliveries on Boro Park’s and Midwood’s main thoroughfares. Several months ago, Hikind suggested the solution to the DOT to ease day-time traffic, reduce tickets, and make the streets safer.

Reducing traffic along 13th, 16th and 18th Avenues in Boro Park and main thoroughfares in Midwood during peak traffic hours would provide everyone with tremendous relief, Hikind suggested. In response, DOT project managers canvassed the neighborhood, then presented their findings to Hikind and his staff based on interviews with business owners and managers along 13th Avenue. Their next step is to examine 16th and 18th Avenues in Boro Park, and designated avenues in Midwood.

“No one is happy with our community’s growing traffic congestion, especially along the main streets,” said Assemblyman Hikind, who has been working with other elected officials and Community Board 12 to come up with possible solutions. “Commissioner Bray and his team are thoroughly examining my suggestion. Implementing a program like this, which they currently have in Manhattan, would be a first for the outer boroughs. It would improve the quality of life for everyone in our community—not just the people who live here but also those who are making deliveries. I hope we can accomplish this and I look forward to reporting about further progress.”

(YWN Headquarters – NYC)