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Report: Gang Vows Death Revenge Against Maimonides Ambulance Employees

According to an exclusive report on, a Maimonides EMS ambulance accidentally killed a motorcyclist on Saturday, and now Paramedics and EMT’s are fearing for their lives. Quoting “highly credible sources”, they report that the NYPD has been made aware of a threat against the lives of employees working on the Maimonides Medical Center Ambulances, possibly in revenge for the tragic accident.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 63rd Street, when the ambulance collided with a motorcycle. The ambulance was responding to an emergency run, and was running its lights and sirens at the time of the collision.


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  1. This is not somthing that should be tolerated. These ambulance drivers deserve whatever protection is needed so they can do their life-saving work without regard to their own personal saftey. If it means having police officers escorting them for a while, so be it.

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