LA Shmira: A New Kind of Citizen’s Patrol


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Los Angeles – Crime is on the rise. Sinister forces abound. Our local police force helps us feel safe and protected. But sometimes, they cannot do it alone. Recent budget cuts in the Los Angeles police department have raised concerns within the community. As these budget cuts are set in place, a new community picture emerges, one in which security forces are less accessible to those who need them the most.

Enter LA Shmira, a new kind of citizen’s patrol. Formed by Kalman Tzvi Lowenstein, LA Shmira provides for the needs of the Pico-Robertson community by protecting the security of the residents, and teaching safety and security. With a critical focus on high-crime areas, LA Shmira stands out for being unequivocally non-vigilante; trained and organized to work directly alongside and in full cooperation with the police department. They have a zero tolerance policy for politics, with a laser focus on their higher mission of meeting the community’s needs, no distractions allowed. LA Shmira members have all emergency contact numbers, such as fire and police departments and Hatzolah, on speed dial, for immediate contact in times of emergency. All members are C.E.R.T. certified and have undergone comprehensive training to prepare themselves to handle a state of emergency within the community.

The Los Angeles Shmira Patrol aims to build bridges of respect and cooperation amongst the diverse religious and ethnic groups in the community. Regardless of race or religion, LA Shmira is on hand to help and promote a higher standard of safe living. Members of LA Shmira speak a variety of languages, and can communicate with and assist all who need help, no matter what their language.

Please send donations, and help support this important cause. LA Shmira recently became incorporated, and is now a non-profit organization, with the backing and Haskamos of numerous Chashuva Rabbanim, including Rabbi Gershon Bess of the RCC and Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon of the KSA . Donate to this worthy cause by clicking here or send a check to:

1455 South Wooster Street #8
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Are you a resident of the Pico-Robertson area?

Report suspicious activity to LA Shmira at (310) 497-8271 . Lowenstein advises: Try to get as full a description as you can before calling. However, keep safe! Do not ever approach a suspicious person on your own under any circumstances. In case of an emergency please call 911 immediately. Residents can also call 1-877-ASKLAPD for questions, help, and information from the Los Angeles police department.

LA Shmira offers various educational courses for the community, such as first aid, CPR, and self defense. Please email Kalman Lowenstein at [email protected] for more information and to enroll.

Volunteers are currently needed to help expand the services LA Shmira can offer to the community. Applicants please email [email protected] or call (310) 497-8271 . LA Shmira also has need for equipment, such as 2-way radios, flash lights, emergency equipment, amber beacons, high visibility jackets, vests, and shirts.

With your support, the coalition between community, LA Shmira, and local police will serve as a role model for a proper, cooperative, and effective citizen’s patrol, one that builds and sustains a beautiful and thriving community environment.

For more information please visit

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