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Delegitimizing or Real Intelligence Information?

Some feel that media reports of police warnings that settlers will begin rioting around the country following the defeat of the Beit El bill in Knesset is nothing more than the standard delegitimization campaign that precedes expulsions or other anti-settlement policy.

This was the case before Gush Katif, as the media portrayed settlers who objected to being evicted from their homes as being “extremists” and at times, painted a picture of people who are dangerous and possible unstable.

Israel Police officials have released statements that in light of the 69-22 vote that defeated the bid to save five apartment buildings in Beit El, widespread settler violence may follow. Police Chief Yochanan Danino has placed his forces on high alert.

Following the defeat of the bill in Knesset, protests became unruly outside the Knesset, trying repeatedly to close down the street. At least one arrest was made. Elsewhere in the capital, protestors set a garbage frog ablaze and pushed it onto the light rail tracks in the Beit HaKerem neighborhood.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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