Senator Storobin Breaks Albany Deadlock; Delivers on Education Promises


Albany has long been known for it is dysfunction and inability to produce. Thanks to the efforts of freshman State Senator David Storobin that seems to be quickly changing. In a matter of only weeks, Senator Storobin has delivered on campaign promises including legislation he sponsored to assist with the cost associated with education of special needs students and students who require a specific religious education. This legislation (S7722), which Senator Storobin co-sponsored with Senators Dean Skelos and John Flanagan, has just passed both houses of the legislature and has been delivered to Governor Cuomo.

“For the first time in our state’s history parents in our community will be able to receive state assistance in sending their children to yeshiva or a child with special needs to be sent to a specialized school.” Senator Storobin said. “Our community’s needs in Albany have for too long been neglected. I intend to ensure with this bill and others that will no longer be the case.”

With religious and parochial educations constantly getting more expensive, Albany needs to take action for parents. Other pieces of key legislation proposed by Senator Storobin include measures to expand school choice by offering parents school vouchers and allow state aid to special needs children, as well as services that the government mandates upon non-public schools. With this legislation, and others pieces of Senator Storobin’s education package, the cost of education in our community will come down for the first time in generations.

“This is the future of education in this state coming to fruition. It is truly a new day for New York’s education system with successful legislation like this.” Storobin excitedly claimed. “Making schooling affordable for parents is the first, and most important step, to making an excellent education for all a reality in New York.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)