2 Year Old Sara Leah Began Treatment, Will You Help Her Through it?


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UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, we reached our previous goal and were able to get Sara Leah and her family out of their dangerous apartment. A priority in getting her on the road to recovery. Her parents are so grateful for your assistance.

But she is not out of the woods yet, and continues to undergo treatments. Sara Leah’s parents had to take her to the U.S. To do so, leaving their other young children behind in Israel, getting shuffled between relatives. Understandably, they are incurring additional, substantial expenses so we are once again turning to you, hoping you will be able to reach out to this family as you’ve graciously done before.

CLICK HERE to help Sara Leah

We’ve increased our goal to help them offset the following expenses:

  • Healthier foods and vital out of pocket medications for Sara Leah
  • Learning help for their oldest child (7), because Peretz is not home
  • Several toys for their children in Israel, to help keep them occupied at relatives’ homes
  • Periodic taxis to the hospital in the U.S.

Can you help us? Thank you in advance for your understanding, your concern, and your care.

CLICK HERE to help Sara Leah

Milkas Fund, founded and managed by Yad Eliezer is a safe and secure way of donating money to help individuals with compassion and enable them to live a life with their problems solved.