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VIDEO: Same Liquor Store Where Yosef Robinson HY”D Was Murdered Is Held Up At Gunpoint; Employees Tied Up

The same liquor store in Flatbush where the Ger Tzedek, Yosef Robinson HY”D was murdered, was held up at gunpoint, and two employees tied up, reports.

The New York City Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying and locating the following two suspects wanted for an armed commercial robbery that occurred in the confines of the 70 precinct.

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at approximately 9:15PM, two individuals described as black males, 25-35 years old, entered MB Vine Yards Liquor Store located at 2388 Nostrand Avenue displaying firearms. They forcibly led two employees to the basement of the store, where they were tied up. The suspects removed personal items belonging to the employees along with bottles of liquor. They then attempted to open the cash register, but were unsuccessful. Both suspects fled south on Nostrand Avenue. There were no injuries to employees.


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  1. During Robinson’s Levaya, the Hespedim were full of phrases, like, “health and happiness for All.of Mankind”.
    That part was beautiful, because at least for then, we really felt, that all of mankind, Yid and Non-Yid, are all beloved by Hashem.

  2. Maybe if the cops that frequent the Dunkin Donuts one block away could pull themselves away for the store for a few minutes things would be a little safer.

    I own a store on Nostrand and we were recently held up as well although not at gun point BH. It was a Forceful Shoplifting incident where to large blacks came in and grabbed things and ran.

    Maybe Its time for police cameras along Nostrand Avenue.

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