Greenfield Announces Record Funding For Clean Up Of Boro Park And Midwood Streets


Councilman David G. Greenfield has secured a record $350,000 to clean neighborhood streets and parks.

“I am proud to have secured record funding to clean our streets,” Greenfield said. “Unfortunately, we need all the help we can get. We will use this funding to hire professionals to sweep the streets and to deal with major cleanliness issues like garbage dumping. After all, our quality of life is one of the most important issues that we need to deal with.”

The additional funding will be used in Boro Park and Midwood to expand cleaning activities to:

–Avenue J
–Avenue M
–Kings Highway
–13th Avenue
–16th Avenue
–18th Avenue
–Bay Parkway
–Friends Field on Avenue L, 18th Avenue Park, and the playgrounds at Col. Marcus Park on Avenue P

Boro Park and Midwood aren’t the only neighborhoods in New York City to see new funding for street cleaning through Greenfield’s NYC Cleanup Initiative. Now in its fourth year, the Initiative began when Greenfield thought to expand a local program he pioneered and turn it city-wide, empowering all the members of the New York City Council to choose local non-government organizations to partner with to keep streets trash-free.

“The reality is that sometimes the city needs outside help to get the job done. That is what this money is for,” Greenfield said.

The funds will be used to hire outside agencies, including ACE, who will bring in professionals to clean the streets while also achieving other goals. ACE, for example, provides job training, work experience and a lifetime support network for homeless men and women while also keeping streets clean.

Funds that go toward ACE, Greenfield said, achieve three goals simultaneously: prettier and safer streets, more jobs, and new assistance for New York’s most vulnerable residents, making it a wise investment of limited resources.

“This funding is the quintessential way to solve several of our city’s challenges. That way, we are getting a great bang for our buck, starting with cleaner streets,” Greenfield said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)