Hikind Taking Frum Challenger, Moshe Tischler, Seriously


Assemblyman Dov Hikind is facing his first challenge from a frum Jew in recent memory. Moshe Tischler, a student a Touro College is challenging the powerful Assemblyman in Thursday’s Democratic Primary. Tischler is the younger brother of Avraham Tischler who is challenging Simcha Felder for State Senate.

Insiders say that Moshe is working harder and is more charismatic than his older brother. “Moshe has put Dov on the defensive, especially on the tuition issue. Moshe’s argument that in 30 years Dov has done nothing to provide tuition relief for yeshiva parents is resonating. Moshe’s creation of a “school choice” line was brilliant and will allow him to run against Dov again in November,” said one political consultant.

It does appear that Hikind is concerned about this race because for the first time in years Dov is actually taking out full-page ads in Jewish papers to bring out his vote on Primary Day. “Dov needs to win by a landslide to send a clear message that he is still a powerful Jewish political figure. I would say that Moshe is going after the protest vote. The implication is, ‘Dov is probably going to win, but if you’re not happy with Dov send him a message by voting for me.'” the political consultant concluded.

Insiders agree that Dov is likely to win this race but needs to crush Tischler to maintain his political relevance.

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(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. In the unlikely event of a Republican landslide, someone like Hikind (who is, after all, a supporter of a party that is often takes extremely left wing positions on many issues) would be vulnerable.

  2. If only people would know. When someone is in power for so long without a challenge, the black and white becomes blurry. No one wants to leave a comfortable seat.
    It’s time for Mr. Hikind to go. There is definitely a conflict of interest.