Rabbi Shlomo Aviner – Time to Change Religious MKs


Rosh Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim and Mora D’atra of the municipality of Beit El Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Shlita has released a statement addressing the need to replace the shomer shabbos MKs in Knesset. Rav Aviner is viewed as a leading posek in the dati leumi community in Eretz Yisrael.

The rav’s remarks were made to talmidim of Yeshivat Bnei David in Yishuv Eli ahead of Rosh Hashanah, reported in Makor Rishon. He was referring to the politicians who represent the dati leumi camp.

He explained that a party of three or four is ineffective, and while they may speak well, they lack the ability to make a change and that is what is necessary. The rav expressed his support for fresh blood for new people that can actualize change since the current leadership has not been successful. He explains that “we are trying to save the nation” when seeking to describe the call of the hour, and the importance of having the best possible political representatives.

“Before every election, the kipot srugot rabbonim announce one must vote for a dati leumi party, citing the names, and our public simply does as it wishes because the public lacks trust in that party. They are unwilling to trust them and that’s a fact.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)