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Shas Deputy Minister: Chilul Shabbos Will Not Stop Completely

Speaking to Mordechai Lavi of Kol Chai Radio on Monday, 9 Kislev, Deputy Finance Minister (Shas) Yitzchak Cohen announced that it should be clear that Chilul Shabbos is not going to stop entirely. He admits however that the job of the chareidi lawmakers is to limit it, Chilul Shabbos, as much as possible.

He remains optimistic regarding soccer games, since many of the players would prefer to move Shabbos games to weekdays. Cohen feels that they are saving the Shabbos status quo, making sure Kedushas Shabbos is not trampled. He admits following the next elections the Ministry of the Interior may be controlled by a secular minister, and at that time, s/he may permit Tel Aviv stores to open on Shabbos.

He adds that they are trying to save as much as possible from the lion’s den, regarding Shabbos, amid an awareness Chilul Shabbos is going to continue in some degree, adding to call new elections is not the answer.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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