Rav Aviner On Smartphones & Kosher Phones


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Prominent dati leumi posek Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Shlita was asked for a p’sak regarding smartphones; asked if one is compelled to use a kosher phone. The rav’s words were aired on Yeshivat Machon Meir’s internet shiurim broadcasts.

The rav explained that SMS text messages and internet connectivity are helpful to many people. He feels there is no prohibition in using either of these services.

“It is certainly preferable to have a kosher phone but this is a chumra and not obligatory. One who feels a non-kosher phone is a michshol must prohibit himself from using such a device” the rav stated.

Rabbi Avider continued by explaining there are things the Torah did not prohibit but if a person realizes such a device will cause him to stumble, such a person must set restrictions into place to avoid falling due to this michshol.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Rav Aviner is not the first Rav to issue such a statement. Technology is a Gd Given advancement that must be educated, modeled, and used properly.

  2. I see the temptation of those who have ‘smartphones’ and hear the prohibition of many rabbonim regarding them. They seem to be used for wasting time: surfing, chat, etc. But they can be useful for other things: maps, sms, camera, etc.

    I believe that just as many rabbonim banned the radio 30+ years ago, yet we learned to live with it, so we must learn to control ourselves with regard to these modern inventions too.

    We can not become hefker to ‘smartphones’ rather learn to use them to bring us closer to HaShem.

  3. rav lior rosh yeshiva of yeshivas nir and one of the early founders of kiryat arba and mara d’asra of chevron and kiryat arba is usually referred to in the dati leumi community as the posek

    rav aviner had refused summons to din with rav mordechai eliyahu and also had dubious affairs when it came to fighting the protesters of the expulsion of gush katif.