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MK Moses: Don’t Blame The Chareidim For The Soccer Chillul Shabbos

MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Menachem Eliezer Moses on Wednesday morning 11 Kislev spoke of Moti Lavi of Kol Chai Radio. He was asked how the chareidim are sitting by and permitting the legalization of soccer matches on Shabbos.

When confronted, Moses explained, “I am committed to the religious status quo and this is the best we can do. Better than this, we have to wait for HKBH to bring Moshiach”.

Moses explained that Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Israel Electric Company, Bezeq and others operate on Shabbos and this is not the fault of chareidim. He explained ideally, he would love to see a cessation of all Chilul Shabbos “But this is not in our hand!” he explained, adding there are shopping centers and more being Mechalel Shabbos and t here is just so much that can be done today, which is maintaining the religious state quo.

He added that clearly everyone would love to see a total cessation from all Chilul Shabbos but today, we have to leave with current realities. As far as the soccer matter, he plans to discuss it with his rebbe, the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita, who returned from his US visit on Wednesday, 11 Kislev. Moses concluded that “Whatever our Gedolim decide is how we will act, as has always been the case”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. No need to “blame” anyone. Not a single yid has be brought closer to yiddeshkeit or has been “forced” to be shomer Shabbos because of some legislation or denial of access to an activity that otherwise wanted to pursue. Give yidden a taste of menuchas Shabbos in a manner that is non-judgmental (as is done by one chassidus we shall not name lest we start another thread on the same theme as several others) and you will be amazed how much more they will want to be shomer Shabbos and forego soccer, shopping or whatever it is you try to deny them access to.

  2. I think that Eretz Yisroel should go to a 5 day work week, like most western countries.
    In Eretz Yisroel with a 6 day work week, and only Shabbos is off, when should a family go shopping, or even play soccer?
    With a 5 day work week you can at least try to convince more non-religious to switch those activities to Sunday, which they can’t now.
    I know right here in the USA whenever a 2 day yomtov falls out on Shabbos and Sunday, it causes inconveniences here too.
    We are used to having a “Sunday” that you can do secular things like shopping, play ball, go out with family, etc.

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