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VIDEOS: Expulsion Of Netiv HaAvot In Gush Etzion Begins


Once again, police moved in to begin the expulsion of the neighborhood of Yishuv Elazar known as Netiv HaAvot. Despite statements in recent months from Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan that a solution will be found, and even from Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, who accuses the left wing of having ‘lost it’ for compelling the destruction of this area, which includes the memorial is for Lt.-Colonel Emanuel Moreno HY”D and Lt. Asher Ezra HY”D. There are also 15 homes in the community, which is only intruding slightly on private Arab land and a monetary solution by which compensation is made could be achieved, but the High Court wants the entire community razed.

The High Court of Justice heard a Peace Now petition and ruled the memorial was indeed built on private Arab land and therefore, it must be destroyed along with illegal buildings in the same area. the building destruction deadline is in 2018.

As was the case in Migron, Amona and other areas, the government is once again tearing down Jewish communities in compliance with a ruling of the nation’s ultra-liberal High Court. In this case, Peace Now was asked to accept an 18-month delay to permit time to find a solution, since by all accounts, only a marginal amount of the community sits on private Arab land. The overwhelming majority area of the community is on Jewish land. Peace Now rejected the request. A petition by residents to the High Court was also rejected, the last hurdle before the destruction gets underway.

Aware the expulsion was about to begin, residents announced that unlike some other areas, they are not planning to leave voluntarily to simplify the work of authorities.The carpentry shop, one of the buildings slated for construction, was razed on Wednesday.

Oded Ravivi, Chief Foreign Envoy of the YESHA Council commented: “The events in Netiv Avot this morning confirm once again that Israel needs to implement a comprehensive legal policy in Yehuda and Shomron. For fifty years, subsequent Israeli governments have passed the buck without implementing the law. The Talia Sasson report, Edmond Levi report and others provide ample legal grounds to avoid these destructive and unnecessary actions. Sadly, the government’s inability to implement its own policy has led to the destruction of yet another Jewish building in Judea.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. In addition to the civilians, my heart goes out to those poor yidishe neshomos dressed like soldiers who are going to need therapy after what they’re doing. Also victims here. And they have families too. They can legit have awful psychological symptoms after expelling people from their homes. Most of these soldiers are torn about it already. Then having a teenager ask you “Is this why you joined the army?” It’s rough because if you have enough chutzpah to refuse the mission, you go to jail. And if you don’t have enough chutzpah, you go to therapy.

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