VIDEO: Ancient Jewish Coins A Key Motif Of Jerusalem Estates Linking The Luxury Development To The Past


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Yerushalayim…Concurrent with the rapidly rising Jerusalem Estates luxurious residential complex is an extraordinary effort to conserve the historic character of the 150-year old Schneller Compound. At the same time that one of the most contemporary and modern housing developments is being built is a parallel tract of linkage to the thousands of years of history of the ancient holy city. As part of the creative development that links the project with the glorious past of Yerushalayim is a program that designates each building by an ancient coin with its original name and motif. These are antique coins from the period of the end of the second Bet Hamikdash and Bar Kochba.

The first four buildings (of 13 to be built) which are part of Phase I of the construction were designated as follows: Building 2 is known as the ‘urn’; Building 3, the “palm tree”; Building 12 the ‘harp’ and building 13 the ‘cup’. Each building features the unique ancient coin, with the imprint of its name and motif. This designation accompanies the building from the marketing process to the actual lobby design where the coins will be on display in a magnificent showcase.

Remarkably, the ancient coins represent the most authentic relics of a key period in Jewish history, carrying the original Hebrew inscriptions along with symbols and motifs from that period. “Indeed, the history of ancient Yerushalayim beginning with the period of the Second Bet Hamikdash and beyond has come to life, vividly captured in the motifs, inscriptions, and dates that are inscribed on the coins,” noted the developers of Jerusalem Estates. “These relics take us back in time and clearly illustrate the emotional Jewish attachment of today’s renewed developed Yerushalayim to the period of the Second Bet Hamikdash in its full glory.”

The coin that defines the luxury Building1 of Jerusalem Estates is ‘Kharkov’ which dates back to the days of Bar Kochba and features an architectural outline of a building with the “Kharkov” designation.

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