Vishnitzer Rebbe Wants a Written Guarantee from IDF Officials


The Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita has not had a change of heart and at present, he is still of the opinion that talmidim ordered to report to an IDF induction center should not respond. Earlier in the week, the rebbe stated that the tzibur should not report as ordered, adding that if need be “tell them you are listening to your rebbe”, adding he is willing to go to jail in their place.

Deputy Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman has met with the rebbe, updating him on meetings with Defense Ministry officials pertaining to the chareidi draft. The rebbe has subsequently met with HaGaon HaRav Aaron Leib Shteinman Shlita, to update the Gadol Hador on events surrounding the chareidi draft. Interestingly, Rav Shteinman is quoted by Degel Hatorah leaders as being of the opinion that talmidim should report to induction centers but they are not to sign any documents.

Litzman reported that military officials are looking into making changes towards accommodating chareidi demands, explaining one option would be the elimination of chareidi inductees undergoing a medical exam in an induction center. One alternative being weighed is the physical would be conducted by a talmid’s civilian physician.

Learning from unpleasantries in the past, Litzman told the rebbe that he will not settle for verbal assurances but demands the details of new arrangements are written.

It appears that from the rebbe’s perspective, backed by other rabbonim, they will only accept a document from the IDF that includes the signature of the chief of the IDF Personnel Branch, in this case, Major-General Orna Barvibai.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. and what will he do if the government refuses his demands?

    Refuse to accept government money?

    Complain to international human rights organizations?

    Offer to support a “one-state” solution consisting of an Islamic Palestine with an autonomous Jewish community?

    It is possible the government will eventually be content with cutting off government funding to hareidi communities that refuse to serve in the army, while offering sufficient non-coercive incentives to attract a significant number of hareidi baal ha-battim. However the people who run Eretz Yisrael currently see this as their last opportunity to break the Hareidi community before it overwhelms the zionists by sheer force of numbers.

  2. Can someone from EY who has been thru this answer what the problem is with the physical being done in the induction center, IF it is done by a member of the same gender?

  3. Mark- you answered it yourself. IF. Anyone who passed thru an army facility knows how coarse and unaccomodating these people are as a matter of principle.

  4. #1 The old yishuv hayashan has taken hold in Meah Shearim and headed by the Eidah. (This kehilla is anti-government, anti-zionist, pro-Arab and dreaming of fantasy of soverignity with Peaceful Arab leadership)

    The rest of the Charedei world are offshots of Rav Frank, Rav Herzog, Rav Chodash, Rav Shmulevitz, Gerrer & Belzer Rebbe, Rav Aryeh Levine, Rav I Z Melter, Rav Kook, etc – they have and will maintain a working relationship with the state. Many averechim have joined the working class and are attending parnasah seminars. The coercion of the past is a “past time to talk about” and far from reality based.