Charedim Unite: One Party to Vote For on Election Day; Gimmel!


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Following a meeting on Wednesday, 5 Shevat 5773 between the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita and HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita, Rav Auerbach has come out in support of voting Gimmel, Yahadut Hatorah.

The announcement appeared in the Gur-affiliated Hamodia and the Netzach-affiliated HaPeles newspapers Thursday morning, just days ahead of the 11 Shevat general elections.

Rav Auerbach is clear and succinct in his kol korei, addressing the threat to the Bnei Torah community, calling on the entire tzibur to vote for Yahadut Hatorah.

All of the polls to date indicate that the Degel split off party, Netzach, would not have passed the minimum threshold and those votes would have been wasted, possibly enough votes to bring Yahadut Hatorah to a seventh Knesset seat. The seventh slot is held by former Bnei Brak Mayor Rav Yaakov Asher.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Most of their positions with regards to shleimus haam, shleimus hatorah and shleimus haaretz are positive. I would feel much more comfortable voting for UTJ if they weren’t beshita against helping yungerleit earn a parnossa or serve in some fashion.

  2. If they would unite with Shas, it would be great. The problem is that Shas is bigger, it would get the bulk of the seats. United, they would be a serious contender for 2nd place. If they united with the “Religious zionists” (and the only real issues between them are in national security matters), the combined “all frum” parties would be a possibility to come in 1st place, and of providing a prime minister.

  3. Gimmel start noticing the large segment of ‘Working Charedim” which is on the increase — WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THEM?
    Without an interest from the Rabbinical board of Gimmel they will either VOTE their best choice or take the $100 from the Satmar Rebbe and sit out this vote.

  4. Akuperma wrote: “If they would unite with Shas, it would be great. ”

    You are very wrong.

    A great percentage of the Shas vote is an angry response at perceived pejudice of Ashkenazim against Sephardim.

    It is their way of expressing their frustration. It is healthy. It is good. And it creates more frum votes.

    If the two parties join, they will have much less votes.

  5. At the point where the religious community united, they would go from being the beggar asking the hiloni elite for handouts to being the master running the house. Presumably someone such as Aryeh Deri would be the leader, meaning “unity” will occue when the Ashkenazi Hareidi minority and the smaller religious zionists join the much larger and broad based Shas under Shas leadership. Deri is the only hareidi politician who appears to see beyond the issue of looking for patronage in return for giving blank checks on policy – which is why the hilonim hate him so.

  6. I think it is wrong for anybody to tell anyone whom to vote for!
    That is why it is a vote!
    It is up to the person to either exercise their right or not!
    If they do, it is totally up to that person whom to vote for!

  7. To number 5: I find it very comical that you perceive Aryeh Deri as seeing beyond patronage and giving blank checks. You obviously just started following Israeli politics, because he is the biggest crook out there. Are you aware that he is a criminal and that he sat in jail for taking bribes. Honestly, how could anyone trust such a man. There is no unity even amongst Shas. Do you forget the power struggle with Eli Yishai. And anyone thinking that religious zionist will ever see eye to eye with the Chareidim is sadly mistaken. The Religous Zionist have a tremendous disdain for the Chareidim, because we all know there is only one thing that the chareidim want and that is to be fully supported by the government, whether they have any ability or ever do sit and learn. They could care less who is sitting in the government jew or arab.

  8. Deri is the only hareidi politician who appears to see beyond…. – which is why the hilonim hate him so.

    Wrong, wrong…the Leftist love him since he is a pacifist and ready to sell the settlers, including those in Betar down the drain..