Election Day Will Cost the Economy 1.7 Billion NIS


According to the Israel Manufacturer’s Association, the national holiday on Tuesday 11 Shevat 5773, Election Day, will cost the nation 1.7 billion NIS. According to the president of the association, Tzvika Oren, “the price is too high”. Oren is calling for the establishment of a different system, one that will not shut down the manufacturing of goods nationwide. He suggest placing voting stations inside factories, permitting employees to vote and return to work.

The experts quickly add that Election Day is not just resulting in a loss, explaining the shopping and entertainment industries have record sales days so in reality, the picture is far less bleak than Oren paints.

It is estimated that after calculating the positive aspects of Election Day the actual loss to the nation stands at 1 billion NIS.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BTW the Israeli Gov’t collects about 1 billion NIS a day in taxes. Not that much.
    And considering it’s only one of two National Holidays where melacha is permitted, and it only happens one every few years(on average), it’s not that big of a deal.