Jewish Female Arrested as Suspect in Assault Against Arab Women at Light Rail Station


arrestJerusalem police have arrested a female who lives in a yishuv in the Binyamin Regional Council area of Shomron who is suspected of involvement in last week’s attack against an Arab female at a Jerusalem light rail station in the Kiryat Moshe area. Police investigating that attack released a statement to police that it appeared to be an argument that began on the light rail and not a racial incident as was relayed to police by the eyewitness.

Walla News adds that the female taken into custody told police she was defending herself after the Arab woman attacked her. She told police she wishes to file a counter complaint against the Arab women.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Givir is representing the Jewish female on behalf of the Honenu organization. He feels that the facts of the case were literally turned around in a “media spin”, explaining the eyewitness photos were taken by a known left-wing activist.

The eyewitness, Dorit Yarden Dotan, told police she happened to be there and photographed the events, telling them the Jewish woman and other passerby began attacking the Arab female who was unable to defend herself. She also gave a statement that the Jewish female shouted racist slurs at the victim. She told police “It is a nationalist crime and one does not have to be a genius to realize this.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)