Ofra Security Fence Dismantled in Line with Court Order


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feThe IDF on Wednesday 7 Iyar 5773 dismantled the security fence around the Shomron community of Ofra, compelled to do so by a Supreme Court decision. The military opposed the move but was compelled to carry out the court order, and as a result, is faced with a new security challenge towards protecting the veteran area community.

In September 2010 a resident of the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Ein Yabrud turned to the High Court of Justice, challenging the presence of the fence, telling the court it was constructed on his private land and it prevented him from reaching some of his fields. In its decision, the court instructed the IDF to dismantle the fence by the end of 2012.

Upon hearing of the new reality a number of community residents turned to the court, seeking to compel the IDF to construct another security fence with a route that is not controversial. In the interim, the fence is gone and the patrol dogs have not arrived. Community residents feel the military must install some type of detection system around the perimeter of the community to warn of a possible intrusion. The fence that was dismantled was low tech, without any detection mechanism, simply a fence providing a barrier to intruders.

Avi Roeh, who heads the Binyamin Regional Council which includes Ofra, told the press that he does not understand why the army is just waking up when it was aware the fence had to be dismantled. He questions the “failure” of the military to adequately prepare and have alternative measures in place to ensure the safety of the residents of the community.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office released a statement that security cameras are in place and the IDF has stepped up its activities around the community as a result of the dismantling of the fence. Additional security measures will be implemented as well officials stated.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s terrible that this situation was allowed to happen. It should be rectified immediately and the army officials who sat on the requests should be fired and perhaps even criminal action should be taken against them. May HaShem protect the residents of ofrah together with all am Yisrael.