Report: Female Chareidi ‘Jay-Walker’ Brutally Arrested


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mishtara1According to a HaMevaser report, a chareidi woman who crossed a street illegally, not at an authorized crosswalk, was brutally manhandled and shoved into a police car after handcuffs were placed on her.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon 22 Iyar 5773 when the woman crossed Jabotinsky Street on the border of Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan. A police team, male and female, “acted brutally towards her, placing her in handcuffs and then into a police car” the report states.

According to eyewitness reports, the woman tried to give them her identity card, realizing that in line with the law, they would write her a summons for jaywalking. However, the police were uninterested in the summons and manhandled her, acted abusively and placed her in handcuffs for jaywalking.

Askanim plan to take the matter to Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich, demanding appropriate action against the officers involved. HaMevaser quotes an askan involved explaining “We don’t justify jaywalking but the response here was totally inappropriate and should not lead to jailing the person.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Jaywalking on that boulevard in the afternoon verges on insanity. Apart from risking her own life, she risked causing a chain accident or worse as vehicles attempted to stop or swerve. By the way, I don’t recall summonses being issued in jaywalking cases. More like optional-fine tickets.

  2. Are you sure there is not more that meets the eye?

    Serious assault charges should be handed to these so called ‘police officers’.

  3. Stop whining.

    It’s better then how Yidden were treated in Europe 70 years ago (or for that matter, how African Americans were treated in the southern United States back then).

  4. What’s the big deal every one knows that the Israeli police were always against the chariedim. This is just another repeat of the last 60 plus years in Israel.

  5. Perhaps you can attach a link of this incident as it appears on youtube and let’s readers decide how frum she is, weather she offered to give her ID card and if they assulted her
    After watching the clip you’ll see how the frum press manipulate stories

    And yes I am frum (a typical Gimmel voter)

  6. no there isnt 3 of my friends are randomly harrased by a certain police officer on yomtov or shabbos also

    said to empty out pockets looking for drugs and weapons and told that if your illegal you will go to jail

    just for the crime of walking through jaffa gate