Finance Minister Lapid: Deri is a Liar as Proven in Court 3 Times


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deriSpeaking with Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Thursday morning 7 Sivan 5773, Finance Minister (Yesh Atid) Yair Lapid spoke about the state budget, the need for austerity, budget cuts and much more, including Shas leader MK Aryeh Deri’s announced deal with the treasury. The Times of Israel on 5 Sivan and other media agencies reported the Deri announced he reached a deal with Yesh Atid. Deri explained the deal with Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron and Finance Minister Yair Lapid will permit state funding for schools affiliated with Shas’ Mayan HaChinuch education network as the latter agrees to teach core subjects such as English, math and science to its students.

Asked to comment on the deal with Shas, Finance Minister Lapid said “he is a liar”, explaining “Deri announced that we met and closed on the deal and I am telling you that we never met and we never spoke. He is a liar, as has already been proven by three courts.”

Lapid acknowledged that Minister Rabbi Piron is working to introduce core subjects into chareidi schools but stressed that despite Deri’s announcement, he never spoke with the newly-appointed Shas leader.

In messages sent by Lapid to constituents, he explained that he and Rabbi Piron have decided to push off establishing a national chareidi education curriculum that will set guidelines for funding eligibility. Lapid explains they told Deri this to allay his fears for now, which was followed by Deri’s media announced as if he cut a deal with Lapid.

Deri released a statement after the finance minister denied the accuracy of his statements, seeking to clarify that he reached agreement with Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron of Lapid’s party, adding that Lapid falsely accused him of lying.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He was never convicted of pejury, nor of taking public funds for personal use. He was convicted of spending money on Torah institutions and to support Limud ha-Torah, which had been appropriated for other purposes. Such moving funds arounds is common in Israel, and is legal (de facto) when done by an Ashkenazi Hiloni to favor poltically correct (meaning secular) causes. In reality, he was convicted of being an uppidty Sefardi frummie who was getting to big for the role Israeli society assigns to such persons.

    It appears that an agreement between Shas and the religious members of Yesh Atid has collapsed since the religious members of Yesh Atid took Lapid at his word and didn’t read between the lines (Yesh Atid said “promote secular subjects among Hareidim” but he meant “screw the Hareidim”).

  2. I do not consider israel to be a democratic country in the sense of USA.
    To denigrate a group or to single out a group as parasitic by a public official would be cause to dismiss the public official or at least demand an investigation. Apologies don’t help. The damage is done. Without getting into the truth of lapid’s
    Derogatory words against arye dery-this pattern of behavior by. Lapid and his ilk is low class and his speech is inexcusable for a man in his position. without Any controls or limits , he deliberately seeks to destroy and respect for the Torah world in israel. Imagine such language targeting minorities in USA! Imagine recruiting siks or munks. Imagine
    Allowing desecration of Arab shrines by improperly dressed women.
    Imagine stopping all welfare payments at once and telling poverty stricken people-go find a job (what jobs?) there is no end to this and a major segment of Israeli society is being targeted with no constitutional recourse or protection. An entertainer (lapid) got the most votes and that
    justifies all. The attorney general has joined forces with him -where will this go?

  3. “I do not consider israel to be a democratic country in the sense of USA.”

    But Israel is the leading democracy in the middle east. They have no concentration camps. No massacres. They never use poison gas on their own people. People who criticize the government are never shot – merely imprisoned, and often released. It’s a virtual paradise.

    Israeli is a beacon for freedom and democracy in the Middle East, just like Harvard is a powerhouse in Ivy League sports. I wouldn’t bet on them if they were invited to an NCAA championship tournament.

  4. moving funds arounds is common in Israel, and is legal (de facto) when done by an Ashkenazi Hiloni to favor poltically correct (meaning secular) causes.

    SOME EXAMPLES PLS will make this statement accurate??!!