PHOTOS: Jerusalem Burns as Sikrikim Set Fires & Block Streets After Chareidi Soldiers Pass Area


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The Sunday night 10 Sivan 5773 violence in Jerusalem’s Meah Shearim neighborhood seems to have begun when two chareidi soldiers passed into the area. They were attacked by sikrikim who insulted them and began hurling objects at them. This led to pushing trash receptacles into the street and setting them ablaze, leading to local street closures.

On his Facebook page, Yisrael Beitenu leader MK Avigdor Lieberman calls on “all chareidi leaders, first and foremost representatives in Knesset, to unconditionally condemn the attack against two chareidi soldiers who simply passed through Meah Shearim in uniform”.

“While they may not agree with us regarding induction, we cannot permit a situation in which soldiers cannot enter a Jerusalem neighborhood while wearing their uniform proudly” Lieberman concludes.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by News 24.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/ Photos “News 24”)


  1. 1. If the “sikrikim” were operating according to Daas Torah, you can be certain that their rabbanim would be arrested, with great ceremony. The Israeli secret police system is generally known for its efficiency. It seems these are not dissimilar to juvenile deliquents (albeit a bit older) rather than serious criminals, or serious terrorists.

    2. Being “loose canons” they could get to be quite dangerous since many rabbanim have already stated that drafting the yeshiva students creates conditions of “Shaas ha-Shmad” and “Yehareg ve’al yaavor” – which would lead to an escaltion from being annoying and rude, to real violence (tossing grenades rather than diapers, light buildings rather than trash cans, etc.).

  2. When will these Sikrikim DOGS be taken out? One must question their Jewish Heritage! They are clearly not Mezerah schel Avraham Avinu!

  3. Let Lieberman first condemn Lapid’s instigations against Chareidim. Then we’ll talk about condemning less than a handful of bored bachelors burning some paper garbage.

  4. Yesterday,
    “Bennett began by addressing the upcoming elections for the nation’s chief rabbis, explaining “it is trivial for me. The chief rabbis must be Zionists”, in line with his campaign promises.”

    “Chareidi Soldiers Pass Area”
    Tell Mr.Bennet

    The Fact that That Shas Has A Higher percentage of it’s MK’S serving PRESENTLY in the reserves than most other parties seems to be of little import.

  5. If these kollel men are so concerned about learning Torah, why are they wasting time with vandalism and hurting people? Do these men listen to their Rabbanim?

  6. No they don’t listen to their rabbanim and they are certainly not learning either.If they learning they don’t have time for this

  7. would lead to an escaltion from being annoying & rude, to real violence (tossing grenades rather than diapers, light buildings rather than trash cans, etc)

    With violence and terror actions comes collateral damage, which can be residents of Meah Shearim, families and those who learn in the neighborhood. When C”V there is a major injury or fatality to an unzerah…..actions will change.

  8. There is no justification for these criminal acts and anyone inciting them should be arrested for incitement. let them demonstrate on behalf of the IDF, because when Hizaballah starts to rain rockets from the Golan heights who will they seek protection from in addition of course to Hashem. we now know why we are so” loved” by the Chiloni community. if others would have rioted like this we would have been outraged. where is daas torah to express outrage; and what about Bitul torah?