MK Lavie: Expand Women’s Section at the Kosel


koselMK Dr. Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) feels the ezras noshim at the Kosel is too small and should be redefined so that the men and women have equal space. In her bill the MK explains that the division of the men and women’s section following the 1967 Six Day War was not equal, for at that time it was believed that more men than women would come to the holy site. Today however she feels things have changed and many women do not come because they are aware of the lack of space and crowded conditions in the women’s section.

Lavie points out that it is not rare to see the women’s section overflowing while there is room in the men’s section, justifying the change to enlarge the women’s section so it is equal to the men’s. Lavie adds she has been working on this for a number of years and while she has received promises from persons in position to implement the change, nothing has happened to date.

As such, she is sponsoring a bill that if passed would compel Kosel officials’ to change the current division so that the men and women’s sections are the same size.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mark, that’s not entirely true. Having lived by the Kotel for years, I can tell you there are many times the ladies section is completely full and the men’s side is much more comfortable. Many times, ladies have to push to get near the Kotel itself.
    The problem though is that men need more room – if you have ever seen the Kotel set up with Bimah’s for Torah reading – they need all the space they can get!

  2. I am a frum – chassidish young woman
    and I happen to agree with this
    I always complained to my husband that I couldnt get close to the wall
    I dont think this should be looked at as another “woman’s right movement”
    but as a necessary renovation