MAILBAG: Wealthy People Making OUT OF CONTROL Purim Parties – WHY ARE WE SILENT?


So Purim is over, the hangovers are long gone, but many youngsters – and even adults – are now suffering thanks to the out of control open parties plaguing our communities.

Let’s keep in short and straight to the point.

Why is it that some “gevirim”, whether they’ve been around for years or others that just began making a few dollars the last year (or make believe they did), feel the need to throw the most insane lavish parties open to the public?

One party in the Ir Hatorah of Lakewood, a party that likely cost around $250,000 (including a full band, massive tent, multiple superstar singers, tons and tons of food, open bars) caused more damage than any possible good. Taaruvos galore, with boys and girls mingling all over the nearby streets.

At a different Shul party, Hatzolah had to be there so many times it is not possible to count. One kid after the next was carried out, as children of all ages managed to get toasted on all types of hard liquor. Of course, the wonderful Baalei Batim of this Shul were writing checks while the 13 year old boys got hammered on as much liquor as they wanted.

In Flatbush as well, it was one insane party after the next.

At more than one party, the NYPD made arrests after brawls broke out. One group of kids smashed windows of homes. Another group egged dozens of homes, and fist-fights broke out on Ave J and East 22 Street – resulting in arrests. Of course the Gevirim wrote out checks the entire time as violence was rampant on the streets outside.

I can fill up this column with 50 confirmed stories from this year alone. No, not hearsay. Real factual stories.

Dozens of such disgusting Seudos Achashverosh took place in our communities – and not a word from the Rabbonim. It seems that EVERYTHING flies in the name of Tzedakah.

It’s disgusting. How many Neshamos were ruined this Purim. How many youngsters had their first hit of marijuana? How many young boys and girls exchanged phone numbers? How many married men and women were nichshal in terrible aveiros because of these parties?

The Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim should ban every one of these parties. Are these events Mutar and everything flies when it’s about money for the Mosdos. Does a 6 digit pledge to a big moisad grant someone the free pass to make a party of any magnitude without a peep from a single Rav or R”Y? Why didn’t all the Roshei Yeshiva get together and outright ban every single Yeshiva Bochur from attending any of these events?

I am appalled by this entire situation, which has no place on a choshuver Yom Tov of Purim, or at any time for that matter. Furthermore these actions are unfortunately seen by our youth which cause a big lack of respect for our Rabbonim when they see what is “allowed” to transpire in our midst.

Let me predict the response to this painful letter.

Of course the Rabbonim will bash me (and probably YWN for publishing this letter). “The nerve they have to question their Daas Torah…”

The readers will say “this letter writer is jealous that he doesn’t have money to make such a massive party, besides being a hater etc”… and of course “spreading Loshon Horah and Motzei Shem Ra.”

All the typical responses to the guilty feelings while trying to turn the tables.


We need action to be taken to ensure this madness ends!

Name withheld out of “fear my children will be kicked out of Yeshiva”.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. Who are you upset at?
    The gevirim for throwing parties?
    The boys and girls for hanging out OUTSIDE the party?
    The parents for not educating/controlling their kids?
    The yeshivos for allowing collecting?
    The kids for getting drunk and fighting?
    The gevirim for writing out checks?

  2. if everything this writer says its true, then it is a problem that needs to be addressed.
    However, an anonymous writer who claims to be truthful is NOT necessarily proof of an isssue.

  3. I’ve heard about Purim quote unquote parties, and I know people who have gone to them…. but I can’t think of anyone that I’d leave my kids with that has gone to one. Is this really a frum inyan? I usually hear the attendees discussing costumes.

  4. Agreed. Another point the mothers of these boys are sitting up all night worrying and feel they have to let their underage sons join in because everyone is doing it.
    Also why is it that all the mitzvos hayom are made tafel and only the collecting is important?

  5. Lakewood BANNED the billboards…. but this they ignore. Like they ignored the last Seudas Achashveirosh. Oh wait… that one was the night before Tisha Bav… VEHAMAYVIN YAVIN

    It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby

  6. This is not the problem at all, it’s one of the results of other serious underlying problems.

    Everyone agrees-Anything without a name is “A PASH’KVILL”.

  7. You write: The readers will say “this letter writer is jealous that he doesn’t have money to make such a massive party, besides being a hater etc”
    The only reason the reader would come to such a conclusion is not because the bulk of your letter is not correct, but the fact that you keep on poking fun at the ‘Gvirim” who just made a dollar or who pretend they did, leading many to believe that, your good points notwithstanding, you are probably also green with envy

  8. Nothing will ever change. Even the most chashuva rabonnim cant survive without these checks being written, so they are to scared and will never say anything. Just like years ago when they started with the chasuna takanos the rich never adhered. The only thing we can do is properly manage our children.

  9. IF what you are stating is true, Purim should be banned until such time thst Moshiach arrives. Perhaps at that time, sanity will reign among klal yisroel.

  10. No real Gevir in Lakewood ever made such a party either. People who make such parties usually are not “gevirim”.

    Wait a couple of years until the fun hits the fan. Just wait.

  11. I don’t get it. There are so many points that so irrelevant to each other in the article.
    Kids fight because the parties are big? What if the party was small?
    And same goes for weed etc. What does the size and expense of the party have to do with anything? Why can’t he make an expensive party if he wants to? I don’t understand this stupidity.

  12. I attended a lavish Purim event in a large tent in Monsey, and I feel it was a real Kiddush Hashem.
    The host did NOT serve ANY hard liqueur. He had responsible bartenders pouring only wine (lots of it) but they controlled who was getting what. And they made sure no one underage imbibed what they shouldn’t.
    He had several guards placed strategically throughout his property to make sure no one got out of hand.
    The music and dancing was lively, spirited, and Jewish.
    And Gabbai Tzeddakah dispensed large amounts of Matanos L’Evyonim.
    All should learn from this how to do Purim the right way.
    Kol Hakovod.

  13. The writer here is right but missed the main point.
    We have glorified money to the point that its no longer a means to help grow the Torah world or even a necessary evil, but rather it has become the end game itself.
    Our children are looking up to the gevirim more than they are to the Roshei Yeshiva.
    The RY are to blame for this as they have glorified the gevir way beyond what Rabbeinu Hakadosh meant by being mechabed them.
    They stay by them, eat by them, schmooze with them almost exclusively at every simcha.
    That is what our children see!!
    If the matara of a yeshiva is to grow real bnei torah, but then the bachurim see the RY is mechabed the dollar, yatza secharah b’hefsedo. The yeshiva should just shut down as the RY is no longer lending a hand to Kavod Hatorah, rather the contrary…

  14. I don’t understand these responses.

    It’s one thing if you’re claiming that this letter’s description isn’t true.

    But if half of what he writes is accurate, how can anyone brush it off with “get a life” or “he’s just jealous” or “stop being so negative” ?

    Can anyone in their right mind defend this (as described) ?!?

  15. To sofmarav: please see the Gemara in Eiruvin where Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi was mechabed ashirim, seating them in places of honor. He once placed a certain rich person near the head, and they told him that the fellow was far wealthier than he had assumed. Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi told him he should dress wealthier so he would know to give him an even more prominent place in the future.

  16. I am not in the know about any of these incidents. It’s not included in my “little”. But I have heard about these things, and the thought is repulsive. But before we jump and ban them, which I think is a good idea, we need to self-explore the attitude that fuels these kinds of events. And, no, it is not about tzedokoh.

    In discussions about the teens drinking, and the use of huge volumes of liquor, I was one of the voices that opposed this, and I heard the usual arguments, “Come on, let the kids have some fun. It’s just once a year.” These lines are truly offensive, and I consider them anti-Torah. Firstly, kids can have fun with many things. Liquor that has possible negative consequences ain’t among them. Secondly, and we have differing opinions on this, liquor has no connection to Purim. Only wine. I am aware of opinions that include it, and with all due respect, I don’t understand them. They are in a small minority. Thirdly, Purim is NOT about having fun. It is about שמחה של מצוה. When these people are imbibing enough to get that drunk, they are not lending any thought whatsoever to נס פורים. They are ingesting something to give them an altered state of mind, and this is basically using a drug. Sorry, but that doesn’t rate as Purim. Next, this prevailing attitude attaches a rather disgusting value to Purim, which I find plainly offensive. It’s “No limits, no boundaries”. Sorry, but that was never the intent of any mitzvah or even minhag, and I think it is gross chutzpah to trash Torah limitations, and even worse to label it as a mitzvah. And some commenters on those threads were insisting that they were being machmir. Bupkes. Drinking like a sailor never was or will be a mitzvah.

    When one considers Purim a time that lifts the normal boundaries of Torah life, we have a huge problem, and it lies in the attitudes that precede the parties. That’s why they are out of control. It is such a shame that some wish to consider this a mitzvah. One does not need disco lights and the rest of the glitz to give tzedokoh. I join those wishing the Roshei Yeshivos and others in positions of authority would ban these events completely.

  17. You all should learn from Baltimore!!!! Amazing parties are made with NO ALCOHOL and plenty of tzedaka being given!!! Purim can be fun without the alcohol

  18. As someone who’s been around some of these Purim parties I can tell you the boys collecting are not from the mainstream yeshivos who completely do not allow their bochurim to go out Purim night like that. Of the few yeshivos that do send the boys collecting it’s almost always with a Rebbi or some kind of adult. The trouble makers on Purim are unfortunately trouble makers all year round and the “gvirim” who have these out of control parties are mostly imature adults who missed out on this part of life. The true gvirim and balei tzedaka are more discreet and if they do have an open house on Purim it’s more tamed then most of the Newbys.

    All said, this Purim behavior is unfortunately a glimpse into the problems all year round be it sukkos in israel, Pesach in the hotels, Chanukah casino runs, lavish kiddushim and the list goes on.

    What generally happens is these gvirim sometimes notice the problems hitting home with their own kids acting out and then they cry about it.

    Be an example for your kids and your kids friends. Show them what it means to truly be a rich person not just rap star who blows all his money to stroke his ego.

    Thanks for publishing this letter.

  19. I agree that over the last 5 years each year it gets more out of hand. I have no problem with kids drinking its always been that way but it seems now with these DJ style partys it gets to hefker, a few years ago after collecting the boys would go back to their yeshiva and have a messiba with drinking and dancing in a controlled environment. Now even if the yeshiva has one, no one shows up because the other partys are more exciting. In my opinion its not a place for the roshi yeshiva to get involved they have enough on their plate. Local askanim should approach each of these people who make the partys to tone it down restrict entry to anyone under 20 etc..

  20. The writer is 100% on point with this article. I was witness to it last week.
    The deniers are the facilitators, shame on them.
    It’s only a question of time until an innocent person pays the price for this annually growing, irresponsible and dangerous trend.
    Derech eretz (look up the meaning) KODMOH L’TORAH!! How can ANYONE even contemplate justifying this lunacy? Had I not seen it myself, I perhaps wouldn’t believe it either.
    Before Purim, I had a heated debate with a “menahel” (doesn’t deserve the title) who shamelessly condoned drinking by his (underage HS) talmidim.
    Enuf said.

  21. Yeshivos should get take time to teach bochirim midos before gemara and rashi.
    And the rabbayim should partake in the party’s.
    Not sure why my previous comment was deleted.
    But in short the more yeshivish the yeshiva the more (more then 50%) they act up when they drink.
    You don’t need detech Eretz if you know how to Disect a Marsha

  22. @Yzj….. Re: Rabbeinu Yehuda Hanasi

    Your proof and comparison is not valid.
    Rabbeinu Yehuda himself was a wealthy man, wealthier than even those whom he showed kavod. He didn’t want nor ask for their money for himself. He wanted them to give generously and honored them so that they would feel compelled to give tzedakah with an open heart. This was not chas v’sholom chanifah , it was to impress upon them that Hashem chose them to be messengers to help Am Yisroel . Rabbeinu was an extraordinary humble (anav) person to boot.
    Were it that we merit a Rabbeinu Yehuda in our days.

  23. 1) All this was despite very heavy rain on Leil Shushan Purim; Just imagine how much worse all this would have been, in less inclement weather.
    2) 2 years from now Purim is on Friday, so some of these issues shall be mooted by onset of the Holy Shabbos, as has just now happened for 4th time in 5 years, in Yerusholayim.

  24. Many say that R Yehuda Hanasi gave honor to rich people so that people would think the honor he himself received was because of his wealth and not his Torah.
    Completely ludicrous to compare what is going on today with what R Yehuda Hanasi did….

  25. I am not so worried about rich people making big parties on Purim once a year it shouldn’t be done and should be in control. I have a different problem which goes on 365 days a year about the sweet snacks that are our company’s so called manufacturing for us are doing an injustice to our kids to our families to our pockets and they are killing us with diabetes.I have never seen so much snacks in my life even by the goyim they don’t have nosh like we have look in our Jewish kosher stores and you will see how much lines of snacks sweets we have compared to the goyim. because we have a rabbi that can make a little money from giving a certification ,we are killing our kids.let this be our agenda let’s stop for 2 years,to have any new nosh come out.

  26. This kinda stuff doesn’t happen nearly as much in Baltimore… And this is why Baltimore is arguably the best place to live and raise children. And that’s my contribution for today. Peace out ✌️

  27. How about bochurim doing really imoral acts in front of our houses?? Who was matir the??Just because they are drunk so it is a heter to do kol dovar asuur,if u want to act like a got so go the goyim. shame on us! for letting this happen.i am for one will be standing up and doing something about this. There is an approach and it will work bezras hashem. Stay tuned. It’s out of control when a young precious innocent son has to cry to his father about what he saw and should not have seen. We must stop this!.

  28. When the writer says “made a few dollars last year” it undermines the whole content of his letter

    The moderators are to blame for readers throwing the proverbial baby outwith the bath water

    One reply said they should close the yeshiva down its the same mentality as the writer of the original artical

    It seems both were emotionally hurt one by a gvir or an incident on Purim and the other by an experience at Yeshiva or a R’Y

  29. First of all I was at the lakewood party and was a beautiful one and a major kidush hashem to see someone just giving and giving
    second of all these parties are a one time thing however this website is 24/6 and far more worse why doesent Ywn bother you ??????

  30. First of all , even though the OP may have some good points, the animosity is distorting her/his vision. These parties have nothing to do with the Rosh Yeshivas! Don’t blame them, they have enough on their plates with today’s generation!!the teenagers of today have a much harder time then when I was growing up !things have totally got out of hand ! There are no boundaries , anything goes! There is a lack of connection to our parents and grandparents ! Mesora is almost non existent! We as parents have to show our children unconditional love and do a lot of praying!! Please don’t blame the gevir or the yeshivas! It’s your responsibility to raise your kids and show them right from wrong ! Then keep praying!!!!

  31. In regards to the boys talking to girls, gey over it. That’s a part of life.
    In regards to “banning alcohol”, kids are gonna drink so long as they adults getting hammered. Nothing can be done about that.
    In regards to kids ending up in hospitals from alcohol poisoning, that’s why we need to teach people either safe drinking or how to party sober. Until that happens, nothing’s gonna change.
    In regards to the criminal activity, there has to be a law that every time someone commits a crime while drunk or high, they spend a minimum of 10 days in jail and get a criminal record.
    That’s the only way people will learn that they have to drink responsibly.

  32. The parties will not stop, they will get more lavish in the coming years.
    The Roshei Yeshiva have cookie-cuttered a vast and varied population into the same mold.
    Everyone has to act , talk, dress and socalize a specific way, otherwise they are out of the club.
    These parties are simply a protest against the social choke-hold existing in Lakewood and Flatbush.
    I’m in favor of them.

  33. Does a 6 digit pledge to a big moisad grant someone the free pass to make a party of any magnitude without a peep from a single Rav or R”Y? – Unfortunately the answer is, basically yes. Maybe there are one or two peeps but as long as the majority of Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivos go around closing their eyes, nothing will change. After all what is more important than The Rosh Yeshiva coming to my home for my daughter’s sheva brochos, the daughter who is married to the best bochur hand picked by The Rosh Yeshiva, just a few weeks after last Purim’s extravaganza. The RY was so happy that I was able to help the Yeshiva then.

    This is the same Rosh Yeshiva who tells his boys and their parents to demand the world from the “kalla’s side”. And we wonder why there is a “shidduch crisis”.

    Chamor HaDor writes “It’s only a question of time until an innocent person pays the price for this annually growing, irresponsible and dangerous trend.” Too late, many innocents have already paid the price. Many of those who are now OTD, on drugs and off mitzvos, are highly intelligent but disturbed individuals who see the total disingenuous hypocrisy in our community, on the part of its leaders and how they honor more than anyone else the so-called “choshive baale batim”, i.e. people with money. Unfortunately, these bochurim and girls lose sight of what they deep down know to be the important things in life, and slide down the hill.

  34. I guess, the first thing that should or would be ask by any thinking human being is, what is normal?
    Once we stabelish what is normal for a purim party to look like then we can make the difereciation.
    The big problem is that our eyes are clouded, our standarts are mixed up, because we have all sorts of apps, that sell happiness recipes, that blinds us to what is JEWISH normal.
    Its not such a big PELE that ourboys and girls are behaving like goyim.
    Just ask them if they have a I phone i pad or laptop.
    Unfortunately, this technologies do more harm then good, and in order to use it safely you need to have a lot of gedarim….
    The first thing, is GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND POCKET:
    I think the gevir giving the party had good intentions.
    teenagers are a dificult people, you cannot trust their judgement 100 per cent.
    The question is, why in Yeshivas Pachad Itzchak in Har nof, I saw so many very drunk bochurim who were behaving like mentchn?
    Because thats what they were.
    The Torah cannot live together with this technologie, is impossible.
    These are the results.
    I guess is better to live in poverty then to have the children ( and adults ) blinded bu the screen of this tumadik I phones..

  35. Approach the gvir and rabbanim in private. In my experience, many do not know what damage is being done, and they are well-meaning people. Don’t accuse them or put them on the defensive. Come with a voice of helping out, of thanking them for what they do and sharing how we can make it even better. Some may not be receptive, but few want to intentionally hurt anyone.

    There is nothing wrong with top-notch entertainment or food. For on what matters: underage drinking and drugs. When the spirit of the event changes, everything else will as well. As for whether or not there should be mechitzos on the street, that is already a cultural divide that may not be as easily resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

  36. ocho sinco
    > Kids fight because the parties are big? What if the party was small?

    To answer your question properly, I suggest you take a course on crowd (also called mob) psychology.

    Aside from that, there is the anonymity factor. In a small group, if someone brings in (for example) marijuana the culprit stands a good chance of being identified and thus would wary of doing such a thing. In a large crowd the culprit would feel protected through anonymity.

  37. The growing problem of Weed, pot, and it’s disasteous effects on our youth is also due to the problem that many frum people have gotten into the business of growing and selling of legal marijuana for Cash (it even got Kosher Hashkacha, tragically), as Rosh Yeshivas discouraged young men from getting traditional education careers of Accounting, Doctors, lawyers, Engineering. And legalized pot always finds its way to kids.

  38. If your UNDERAGED Yeshiva kids are out being Wild and Drinking, that is a PARENTAL issue! Actual Crisis: Many Parents have neglected to be active PARENTS (a verb) to Older Teen Yeshiva Boys as they focus on the younger kids, shopping, work, and Frum Boys are not being raised with Middos as they used to be!!

  39. My biggest problem with this party is I wasnt invited. if you are going to make a great party with Awesome food and some nice Liquor. Please invite me

  40. I think its time purim stopped being a yom tov of collecting for mosdos. I’m willing to bet more than 50% of yeshiva bachurim (who live close enough to home to be there) were not at a family purim seuda because they were out collecting for some organization. Im willing to bet half those collecting had ZERO connection to the organization they were collecting for.

  41. Let us be honest. The current system of seperating genders is sick, unnatural and frustrating for those who cant find shidduchim. Thousands of singles out there and you want to continue banning normal conversations between boys and girls? Bring it on. The current system is only exacerbating the problem.

  42. The truth is it’s a very sorry situation. There was an invite text being forward to one of these all night parties in Lakewood with alcohol flowing….the writers intention was only to highlite where is the outcry from our leaders that this is not simchas / mitzvas purim. Bmg has an amazing gehoibena purim gathering which is open to all with the roshei hayeshiva leading . We have to educate our children to make smart choices. There will always be temptation….its our job as parents to daven and educate ….by example !

  43. lib:

    I have read some smart comments, some that are so-so, and some stupid ones. Yours went even farther, and made stupid look brilliant.

    You gotta be kidding. The problem is technology? I agree that there is an issue with smartphones, etc., but to claim that the Purim wildness is due to the existence of technology is insane, not just stupid.

    I suppose that the epidemics in the world are due to technology, cancer due to the internet, all the OTD due to cell phones, you’re mad. The OTD issue was quite strong before cell phones ever existed, and I know this first hand. Ask anyone who was an adult just 20 years ago, and they would have to tell you the trruth about that.

    You are free to take up any cause you want, and the one about technology is a just one. But if you build a campaign upon a lie, it will not work. You will not succeed in accomplishing anything, and you will get laughed right out of the room. There is a sick dependency that we have on communication, and smartphones are easily misused for the wrong things. Granted. But the myth that Purim abolishes all boundaries for the day is anti-Torah, is incompatible with true simcha, and represents much of Purim is not.

  44. IF YOU WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD, YOU GOT TO UNDERSTAND ! The key of Purim and its mitzvos are multiple & linked to current events ! Hashgocha Pratis is an integral part of the Megillah and Purim ! The chisaron is by the accuser for failing to see the matchmaking hand of hashem, the additional levels of binah gained from celebrating in excess ( ad lo yadah ), criticizing others etc. ! If your a vegan or whatever else then stay in the beis hamedrish !
    Of course parents are required to educate their children and provide words of wisdom to be prepared for celebrations !
    Words like the tree of life has many more branches than fathomable your choices lead you to more or less options
    Usually Use of narcotics leads to less options
    Finding a soulmate leads to less options yet that’s a good thing
    Hooking up could lead to more or less
    Seeing 10,20,30,40,50 years into the future isn’t easy to do after you and your people escaped a deathly decree via a miracle
    So party like it’s 1999 yet think about tomorrow because yesterday is history !
    One day of 180 days is normal
    There are kuntreisim so don’t second guess the sages of yesteryear and this year 5779
    Live and let live is a blessing ! Love life said the Torah ! The Torah said love life !

  45. Dear “the little I know”
    Spot on! I couldnt have said it better. Unfortunately, Since Purim is the biggest day of the year (tikunei zohar by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai) the yetzer hara puts in the most effort to make sure people dont get to celebrate it accordingly. It is every individual’s job on earth to fight back the yetzer hara and make sure to stay focused and remember what the real meaning of purim is, just as with any other mitzva or yom tov. For example the seder night, some people are focused when eating the first k’zayis matzah on the thickness vs. thinness, taste, freshness, and completely lack the mindfulness of focusing on the actual kavana of the mitzva and the taam hamitzva, which if not having this in mind, the eater has not performed the mitzva at all according to most poskim.

  46. Pardon the pun, apushatayid, but you are on the money. These mosdos and yeshivas hijacked Purim. Halachically, one is required to give charity on Purim to evyonim, not yeshivas and mosdos. Not yeshivas and mosdos.

  47. > ocho sinco March 25, 2019 10:31 am at 10:31 am
    > So you’re saying any Purim party with a large number of people is bad? Every Purim party should have a lotw attendance?

    I assume you are addressing my post. Indeed, every Purim (or any) party that is “large” requires proper chaperoning by not only mature adults, but by competent adults, and such competence hard to find. Small groups can usually be chaperoned by any mature adult. The skill set required to chaperone a such large event is beyond the norm.

  48. To 718shorty your 100% right
    THe Mitva to for the highest structure to be for a Torah purpose is to encourage a healthy birthdate among the Jewish population
    Seems like colorful candy works well to yet we need higher shuls for sure
    Derech eretz kadma ltorah has gotten so abused its a miracle
    26 bones in a foot two feet 52 bones
    26 generations from Adam to Moses
    26 unions of chosen men and women determine derech eretz
    The Torah remains the same
    Banim atem lhashem elokaychem Chaim koolchem hayom
    Stoopid parties make the rules
    Party on dude

  49. I have so many questions. What’s the dif if the guy is a “real gevir”, just made a few dollars or has absolutely no money? Until he hires you as his fincial advisor he can do what he wants with the $ he thinks he has or doesn’t have!
    What’s wrong with Making a party?
    I was by this “infamous” party and it was nothing the writer describes it to be. Did not see one lady/girl on the street. Yes there were a few family members or friends in the tent but absolutely no mingling.
    You wanna mope all Purim go right ahead! Purim is a time to Drink and be happy don’t take your sour attitude out on those that want to be makayim the mitzva, Even if you hold it’s better to just go to sleep and give $3.50 to tzeddaka. “YOM MISHTE VSIMCHA…” why don’t you write this letter to Mordechai and have them read it to him next year when they go to his kever. Ask him to ask hashem why he wants the Yiden to celebrate the nes of Purim (Even after moshiach comes). I will pay for your ticket to Seattle next year Purim so you want haveta be so bitter from all the enjoyment everyone else is having.
    Also never figured out what’s wrong with singers that the “belt” goes so meshuga from. Your having nigunim either way, let them at least sound nice 😉
    Would I promote such behaviors? No! But to get so upset I mean just relax or you can get so stressed that you may end up in the hospital…

  50. I would like to ask mr. Yehuda oneore thing. If you really believe in Rosh Yeshiva’s and daas Torah do you really think their hashkafos can be bought with a few dollars ?? I sense some non belief and hate towards them as well…

  51. A number of posters mentioned baltimore. The truth is that baltimore may be a bit less rambunctious when it comes to partying and drinking on Purim; however, this was not without a karbon. Many years ago a chashuv bachur was killed in his own dwi on Purim after visiting the home of a prominent Rav. Since then the shul rabanim have been very vocal on the fact that drinking is a mitzva ktana that one does not need to attempt to do mhadrin min hamehadrin.

  52. I called up Menahel in my sons Yeshiva many weeks before Purim to make sure Yeshiva is NOT going around rolling the streets on purim night.. i did feel little bad maybe the Yeshiva lost money cuz of it… after reading this post, i feel good that we stopped it, tx

  53. A chutzpah of untold proportions that the chachomim were mesaken a day to give tzedakah to poor people and yeshivos shtip themselves into the picture. What a piggish selfish act. In essence, the yeshivos are taking monies away from the needy on Purim. It has to stop.

  54. I wonder if the street revelers who make a racket, including the loud speakers on their buses or other rented vehicles, the screaming in the streets, and the supposed singing of “simcha”, are aware that there are families with children who are sleeping, plus many other Yidden, at least as holy as the revelers, who are trying to get a nite’s sleep to be able to fulfill the real mitzvos of Purim the next morning. This gezel shinah has no form of compensation. Do the Roshei Yeshivos encourage or approve of this? If not, they need to take a stand. These behaviors have nothing to do with mitzvah. These boys might be collecting for a worthy cause, but the aveiros they accumulate in the process are staggering. And calling an aveiroh a mitzvah is huge chutzpah.

  55. Jdb,etc.,etc.,

    Who are we trying to amuse
    Michah 6:8
    Is an oxymoron for these people now !
    very antithesis of their entire essence

  56. Purim parties should be for family like it says in the Megillah משפחה ומשפחה. Please make a tumelt next year BEFORE Purim in case משיח doesn’t come. Now it’s a waste of time.

  57. prancing around while doctor assisted suicide being voted on in Trenton !?!
    And it passed in both the state senate and Assembly By bare one vote In each House !!
    Where were these big knockers when they could be useful
    Partying while the world is burning