PHOTOS: Lag B’Omer In Bedford Center


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Bedford Center is renowned for its high end elder care not only in the medical arena. Celebrating yomim tovim in an uplifting, inspiring environment is high up on Bedford Center’s priority list. No different was Lag B’Omer when Bedford Center went all out to provide its residents with a memorable and enriching experience.

Wednesday afternoon found the men and women respectively seated in the beis medrash and family room, watching the Bayaner Rebbe in Miron lead his congregation in celebration of Lag B’Omer, with rapt enthusiasm. The next afternoon, the residents once again congregated to enjoy a live hookup of the Toldos Ahaaron hadlaka in Meron.

After mincha, Bedford Center hosted its own hadlakah. The celebration opened with beautiful, heartrending singing led by R’ Shlome Roth accompanied by a professional Capella choir. Amongst those present, were the illustrious Zidichoiver Charadim Rebbe and R’ Noach Sander both daily magidei shiurim for the residents of Bedford Center.

As the program progressed, Bedford Center had the honor to hear an inspiring talk by R’ Leibish Rokach, the rav of the shul. He honored the residents with the lighting of the fire to the rendition of the traditional Lag B’Omer lyrics.

The eventful itinerary was concluded with a gourmet seudah in honor of R’ Shimon. The inspiring words of the Rav and R’ Yona Landau left the residents with a day to remember.

The residents of Bedford Center attested to the soul stirring nature of the day. They returned to their daily activities with renewed inspiration and memories to last.

Photos by JDN