CRACKDOWN: NYPD Tows Vehicles at Plaza Auto Mall on Nostrand Ave in Flatbush [PHOTOS]


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Numerous vehicles were towed in Flatbush on Tuesday, in a long-overdue NYPD crackdown.

The NYPD showed up outside Plaza Auto Mall on Nostrand Avenue between Avenue M and N in Flatbush on Tuesday, and began placing boots on vehicles parked illegally.

Many vehicles were being towed without any warning.

This action comes after many people have been complaining for years about the insane double-parking. Many believe that some type of payoff has been going with the NYPD, as there has been nearly zero-enforcement at this location for years, causing extensive traffic backups.

Recently, YWN published an article about elected officials that visited the area along with the NYPD to discuss the traffic backup in front of Plaza Auto Mall due to double and triple parked cars. This condition also forces drivers to navigate around these cars, often facing down oncoming traffic.

At the meeting, the local representatives demanded increased traffic enforcement at Plaza Auto Mall.

Councilmember-elect Farah Louis, who represents the area, convened the meeting along with Councilmember Chaim Deutsch, Congressmember Yvette Clarke, Assemblymember Helene Weinstein, and State Senators Simcha Felder and Roxanne Persuad. Also in attendance were Brooklyn DOT Commissioner Keith Bray; officials from the NYPD’s 61, 63, and 70 precincts; an NYPD Traffic Department Supervisor; and representatives of NYPD Brooklyn South Chief Brian Conroy.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. When the mosques on Coney Island Avenue are in session, the cars double park with impunity a long the whole block and the cops won’t ticket. Let Jews attending a shul double park and it’s an instant ticket!

    I guess the cops are afraid of the Moslems.

  2. Excellent move. Finally! Keep towing them away everyday. I hope this was not a one time event. Plaza thinks they own the neighborhood. Enough is enough.

  3. big deal so they booted 5 cars even at 500 a pc =2500 pd wont be back for another year its a business expense , if you knew how many calls and forms needed to be filled out and pushed to get this one time towing…

  4. Plaza is owned by rude, arrogant individuals. I bought 1 car there. All they wanted was to sell a car. Their service & attitude towards customers and the community is despicable.

    They are thieves who charge and don’t put things into the cars or charge 4x the price then by any honest mechanic.

    They are money hungry company who is rude to the community. They feel they own the block and they don’t give a damn about anyone. Absolutely no consideration for anyone.

    Each person is worse than the next

    Never go in there to purchase a vehicle. They are liars and thieves

    “All they wanted was to sell a car.”

    You went into a place that sells cars and all they wanted to do was sell you a car? Shocking. How dare they!

  6. Manishma: There is a some solution to cars without plates. Call Sanitation and report an abandoned vehicle. They will come and tag it for removal. You’ll see how fast they will remove them!