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PHOTOS: Chareidi Soldier Attacked in Meah Shearim – Police on the Scene [UPDATE 20:18 IL]



19:44 IL: It appears that a chareidi IDF soldier was attacked by extremists in Meah Shearim a short time ago. According to preliminary reports he was not injured.

The soldier fled and unconfirmed information indicates he is holed up in an area apartment. Police were summoned and they are operating on the scene towards extricating him while avoiding a confrontation with area residents.

UPDATE 19:49 IL: Police and border police working to extricate the soldier are being attacked with rocks.

UPDATED 19:56 IL: The soldier was removed from danger by police. Police are now under attack with rocks, chairs and whatever dozens of extremists can find to hurl at them. There are no immediate reports of injuries or arrests.

UPDATE 20:01 IL: At least four arrests have been made. The soldier is reportedly uninjured. Police are working to leave the area as they are still under attack. Rotter News reports that Ichud Hatzalah responders were also attacked with eggs and other objects.

FINAL UPDATE 20:18 IL: Yassam commando police extricated the soldier and security forces have left the neighborhood. Four arrests were made and additional arrests are expected after police review photo footage.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by News 24.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

19 Responses

  1. Attacked and uninjured?????

    By whom????

    In any event, the attacks on frum soldiers are counter productive since their decision to resign/mutiny/disobey orders will be important if and when the government starts mass arrests of yeshiva students who refuse to serve in the army. The zionists feel that as soon as they get a yeshiva student out of yeshiva and into the army, he’ll be a good loyal soldier like the many hareidim who now serve in the army – thus if the hareidi soldiers show solidarity with the imprisoned yeshiva students, it would seriously undermine the argument for conscription.

  2. complete and total busha
    i would like to see the attackers set on by arabs with no police or soldiers coming to their rescue

  3. It is time to stop the ‘catch and release’ policy towards these criminals and to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Yes, they will be ‘heroes’ to their depraved colleagues but serious jail-time is serious jail-time.

  4. TheGoq, it’s actually brought down, that there will be a rebui of machlokes before mashiach. Comes. – not that I’m encouraging such behavior, but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the dor and say why mashiach isn’t here yet. As if to say, everything is perfect exept for these guys on meah shearim.

  5. @YWN Mods

    Again how can you allow such blatant hate against fellow Jews? This is not the first time Poster @#2 “The Big One” has used language and terminology that equates Jewish police officers to the Nazi’s. I ask that you to delete his comment and suspend/ban him from these forums, because one may disagree with his brother about what is happening in Israel, but one may not spew vile hatred against a fellow Jew.

  6. Amazing what lack of Hakarhat Hatov these people have. Do these people even realize what time period we are in? Have we learned nothing.
    What a embarrassment to all those that have suffered protecting these people.

  7. 1 and 2- you really need help. How can you possibly justify one jew attacking another because he chooses to defend his fellow jews as a member of tzahal. I hope you don’t travel to Israel and seek the assistance of the treifah police to get to your destination or to guard you as you make your way to the Kotel, which by the way Tzahal captured in 1967. This mob is similar to those prowling the streets of Cairo. Where is the voice of torah and the gedolim to condemn this type of hooliganism . I though these people were supposed to be in the Bet hamidrash;and for this to have occurred during the 9 days before the Churban which came about because if Sinat Chinam should leave all of us in wonderment.

  8. I’m sorry but these people act like complete animals. Why don’t the Gedolim speak out against them? Although, I doubt it would help, these idiots think they know it all.

  9. I’m wondering why we are aligning ourselves with here reshaim. I propose to change our titles to something other than chareidim. If you notice all our good efforts to effect good will has always been undermined by the yerushalmi/neturei karta groups. Even though we are bnei torah and right now we happen to be fighting the same battle as them we don’t agree to their ideas or tactics.
    The first step we need to take as bnei torah is to protest the violence. Then we can stand seperate and let the seculars break their heads with these nuts. Maybe army for them would be a good thing.
    Now being called a Ben Torah.

  10. To #1 and #2
    Your comments disgust me!
    #1: attacks on frum soldiers are counterproductive because of some future strategy??? Give me a break. They’re acts of violence against Jews who sacrifice their lives to protect us. The fact that you don’t see this just shows how your opinion lacks the basic ingredients of Judaism- appreciation and ahavas Yisrael.
    #2 you are an anti-Semite

  11. What a terrible Chillul Hashem! The “people” responsible for the attack should be taken out! Their families should be deported! This behavior by these animals only feeds the hatred of a Lapid/Lipman! It puts a stain on all Torah Jews!

  12. This is a chlul hasten, and is not the first instance. This needs to be stopped and so does Arab attacks that the government is turning a blind eye. Both of these situations occur because the government is weak.

  13. #s 11 & 14- You guys must be new here. Those two have been spewing the same garbage for as long as I can remember. In fact, I am convinced that Akuperma sits by his computer all day and waits for every opportunity to write such stuff. I’m also sure he thinks he is doing a mitzvah by making sure that no one should think anything positive about the Medinah C”V. Doing so clearly takes precedence over talmud Torah, because I cannot see when he could possibly be doing any.

    Oh. And don’t you worry. He is not going to be making a trip to Israel anytime soon. In his twisted world view, Israel would be better off under Muslim rule. That ain’t happening.

  14. as a frum yid it desgusts me what these “frum” menuvalim are doing MAMISH HAYPICH HATORAH their manheegimm wil pay for this beolam haemes. In chodesh Av they show SUCH sinas chinum WHAT OISVORFS THEY ARE.feehhh

  15. I second #7.
    It really bothers me why the YWN MODS allow such talk as #2 comparing the army to the nazi’s.
    It doesnt bring anything to the arena and is simply hate speech.
    Shame on YWN for allowing this.
    (90% of the readers of this site have had their grandparents/ancestors murdered by the nazi’s.)
    And to number 2; if this is your position; then you yourself are convincing me the the chasidim are wrong.

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