Tisha B’Av Times in Eretz Yisrael


tb5If we are still in galus on Monday night, the following Tisha B’Av times will apply.

The Fast Begins:

Jerusalem: 19:50

Tel Aviv: 19:48

Haifa: 19:52

Beersheva: 19:49

Chatzos Hayom (Tuesday):

Jerusalem: 12:45

Tel Aviv: 12:47

Haifa: 12:46

Beersheva: 12:46

End of Fast:

Jerusalem: 20:15

Tel Aviv: 20:17

Haifa: 20:19

Beersheva: 20:15

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. #1: There’s always next year, although at the rate things are going, the geulah will occur next year only because of “be’ito”, not because of “achishenah”.

    Al eileh ani bochiyah.

    Hashem Yerachem.