State to Insure Egged to Permit Poster Ads with Women


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egednnThis story begins with a petition to the High Court of Justice by a number of organizations, including one called Yerushalmim. The organization is seeking to compel Egged to accept bus ads that show women, ads that have been banned by Egged in Jerusalem due to the vandalism that has resulted from such adverts in the past along with objections from the chareidi tzibur.

In its response to the petition, the treasury informed the High Court of Justice that it would act as an insurance company to compensate Egged and its advert arm Canaan in the event such ads are vandalized, thereby giving the go ahead for the resumption of the ads, which are viewed as unacceptable the chareidi tzibur.

Involved in the petition to the High Court was Meretz Councilwoman Rachel Azariya, who feels the banning of the ads represents yet another case of chareidim discriminating against women.

Such ads have not appeared in the capital in recent years as Egged decided not to incite the chareidi tzibur, which represents a significant percentage of the bus company’s riders in the capital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Egged decided not to incite the chareidi tzibur”
    –So now Meretz is petitioning to incite the Chareidi tzibbur.

    I guess Meretz is the Israeli version of Al Sharpton, who is now inciting a riot in 100 cities throughout the United States.

    People who incite hatred should be sent to Gaza, where their talents will be properly appreciated!

  2. A boycott of Egged of only 1 day and only between Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim would be enough to show them who’s giving them all the business. They’d have to be stupid to accept such ads.

  3. #3 u r right they rake it in on that line it is always packed each way standing room and they have one going every 15 to 20 minutes

  4. So lets understand this insanity: The high court will use the treasury to compensate Egged for vandalism resulting from ads which cost advertisers money to turn away potential customers for the advertised product! And, this insurance money is well spent to picture women in order to stop discrimination! Egged should countersue for the right to protect their property and satisfy their customers.

    The boycott should not be directed to Egged but to these organizations.

  5. good bring back some sanity to the ads there is nothing wrong to show a dressed woman on an add are we to give in to every chumrah that some minority wants to

  6. peakman, it doesn’t just end there. Many Jewish newspapers and publications (including one that caters to frum women)which will not show a picture of a fully dressed woman, a rebetzin, or of a little girl holding a picnic basket. Free press is allowed. Destroying public property (city buses) is a different story.

  7. Okay, all of you intelegent smart modern-day thinkers, get the facts straight before you spew your s hollow frustrations. 1) Weather or not you like it, the chareidim in Yerushalayim are the mojarity of egged patronizers, it is in egged s best interest to accommodate them, as minority as you would like to believe they are. 2) The ban was not on women but human faces, no claim there of women discrimination you love using. 3) being sensitive to the local community is not a sign of weakness, it’s simple moral ethics.

  8. Meretz shertzs same thing. They have nothing else to do since their stupids lives are so so empty of anything that does not spell trouble. Meretz get a life