Michael Bloomberg Reconsidering 2020 Presidential Run


Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is opening the door to a 2020 presidential campaign.

Bloomberg announced earlier this year that he would not seek the Democratic nomination. But in a statement Thursday, his political adviser Howard Wolfson says Bloomberg is worried that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is “not well positioned” to defeat President Donald Trump.

A Bloomberg adviser says the former mayor has not made a final decision on whether to run. But he is expected to file to get on the ballot in Alabama’s presidential primary.



  1. Run Mikey, Bikey , run. Can’t wait for your executive orders ; drinking cold water from maximum whiskey cup size, banning cars from highways 10-5 so bikeys can ride, grabbing a 3rd term like a petty little dictator, no eating utensils other than toothpicks allowed to keep our planet nice’n’ clean..
    Run Mikey, run. A nachas… A Jewish boichik to boot..Make our tribe proud, Mechel..

  2. He would be better off as a Third party, since he could also get much support from conservative and pro-business Republicans who object to many of Trump’s policies (e.g. nativism, protectionism, isolationism and fiscal irresonsibility).

  3. the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates who are really serious about capturing the White House, all know full well, to await 2024, and let some sacrificial lamb run in 2020.

  4. For all the jokes here (thanks Ziongate) this scares me.
    He is the first name that is a serious candidate. I lived through mayor / king / dictator bloomy , here in New York.
    I watched him change.
    He is now up to despot.
    He is a serious contender, as opposed to the pack of social experiment misfits currently carefully (or not so carefully) navigating their p c way to someone’s nomination.
    The time to daven is now.
    The current resident of 1600 who according to many here, is the biggest anti semite to ever reside there, is also according to them the dumbest and most inept.
    Which has the happy result of making him factually and actually the best president for yidden yet.
    Don’t run bloomy !!! Your private plane will kill the globe while it ferries you to campaign events.!!!