William Rapfogel Apologizes For His Failing


wrWilliam Rapfogel, fired as head of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty amid an investigation into financial irregularities, apologized this afternoon–for something he did not disclose.

“After 21 years at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, I deeply regret the mistakes I have made that have led to my departure from the organization,” Rapfogel wrote in a statement. “I apologize to our dedicated officers and board, our incredible staff and those who depend on Met Council. I let them all down.”

“I pray that my family and friends and all who care about met Council can find it in their heart to forgive for my actions. i will do everything possible to make amends. My failing should not reflect poorly on an organization that continues to serve so many people with dignity and kindness every day. it has been a privilege to be part of that effort, he added.

Met Council earlier today announced it fired Rapfogel after discovering “financial irregularities and apparent misconduct in connection with the organization’s insurance policies.”

(The Daily News)


  1. Where is the RCA, the OU and Modern Orthodox Rabbis in synagogues across the fruited plain condemning this breach of trust? Where is the MO leadership when you need them? Their silence is deafening!

  2. What exactly did he do? Did he steal money from the organization or did he simply Steer some policies to his friends?

    Almost every politician awards contracts to political supporters. Is this a reason to fire an experienced public servant?

    I think we have to look behind the headlines to see who is out to get Rapfogel and why.

  3. i dont believe this it true, i dont think he did anything, someone is out to get him and forced him to write this, something is going on there!!!

  4. #1 – why is this a Modern Orthodox issue? Does the MetCouncil only feed needy from Modernish circles?

    How come you don’t ask for the Agudah’s comments? Or Lubabvitch? Or any other leaders of Jewish sects?

    Do you really think any Rabbanim worth their smicha are condoning this? If some carefully worded statement is issued later tonight or tomorrow does that make the situation better?

    A little Seichel please?

  5. #5: Since he is a member of their tribe. Whenever a so-called Chareidi gets in trouble, we hear all sorts of catcalls and demands that the “Chareidi leadership” denounce whatever. Why the deafening silence here in the MO camp?