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A Message of Grave Concern from Chinuch Atzmai Leader Rabbi Lazerson

lazerAs the 5774 school year is about to begin, the director of Chinuch Atzmai in Eretz Yisrael Rabbi Avraham Lazerson has what to say.

“I have been involved in chareidi chinuch for 34 years and I do not know what it means to rest. I see the serenity of the leadership which has concerned itself only with the drafting of bnei yeshivos. The education issues and what [Minister of Education Rabbi Shai] Piron has planned for us should be of no less of a concern that the drafting of bnei yeshivos.”

Speaking with, Lazerson seeks to share his concerns as he is about to embark on a new school year.

“I sat with one of the Gedolei Yisrael and said if the bochrim will have to go to Massiyahu Prison they will do so, with Gemaras in hand and they will return home two weeks later. But our young, our sheep, they are trying to harm their tender souls as they seek to instill into them different ambitions towards distancing them from the correct lifestyle. And what will occur when they reach induction age, they will want to serve on their own without any need for coercion.”

The veteran Chinuch Atzmai leader explains he is gravely concerned over the efforts to introduce widespread change into the chareidi education system. He warned that while he does not seek to minimize the significance of the battle to prevent the induction of bnei yeshivos into the IDF, we mustn’t turn a blind eye to what the Ministry of Education is trying to do to the nation’s chareidi mosdos.

Rav Lazerson speaks in terms of a “catastrophe” and adds “but all I hear is silence”, expressing his concerns for the future of the Chinuch Atzmai system in Eretz Yisrael.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

10 Responses

  1. “introduce widespread change into the chareidi education system”
    Is the ‘widespread change’ the government intervention or the core curriculum? or BOTH?

  2. The main cause is the splintering of the Orthodox community.

    The silence is deafening. In the time before a crisis, the frum leadership is directionless.

    United we stand,divided we fall.

  3. Israel includes segments of Charedim, segments of Daati Leumi and segments of anti-Torah and anti-Hashem. Rabbi Lazerson is concerned about the kippot wearing Pirons and Lipmans who belong to the latter and whose main goal is uprooting Torah, Yirat Shamayim and Yiddishkeit.

  4. It’s yet another hysterical cry against basic educational curriculum which doesn’t insinuate “catastrophe.”
    There is no mitzvah to be uneducated. At least talk and negotiate what should or shouldn’t be incorporated into the curriculum, not reject it outright and cry wolf. Plenty of frum people are educated and stay frum.

  5. you have no idea what you are talking about, dear american brothers/sisters.
    general chinuch with all their big talk is in terrible state. All this is pure jealousy, to see those charedi mosdos grow and succeed, while all they have to show is … (not for charedi??? site) and whilst I am writing already: do you have any idea how many not yet shomrei tora umitsvos dodge the draft?!!! not because they are doing something but because they are tracking. You can find them in jails around the world.
    Is this site really charedi?? so much hatred for lomdei torah, gedolei torah, such enormous chillul hashem.

  6. ….”All this is pure jealousy, to see those charedi mosdos grow and succeed, while all they have to show is …”
    Jealous of what? Nobody cares so long as you don’t bother others, contribute to the economy, get yourself an education. Nobody’s jealous of a “gimme” lifestyle that promotes poverty , and nobody’s jealous of uneducated people who don’t want to know or learn anything because they claim it’s against the Torah.

  7. It seems evident from the way “#2 Define” writes, that he is not, or does not consider himself to be, part of the Orthodox community.
    The frum leadership is never directionless. Each member of the frum community takes direction from their own Rebbeim, who in turn, due to their honesty and integrity, take direction from those greater than they.

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