WATCH: Thief Dresses Up As A Yeshivah Bochur & Steals A Luxury Watch


A brazen thief who dressed up as a yeshivah bochur to steal a valuable watch two months ago was indicted on Wednesday following an intensive police investigation which revealed how the robbery was planned and carried out, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The investigation revealed that a few days prior to the robbery, the suspect and an accomplice entered the jewelry store and expressed interest in the watches while simultaneously staking out the store.

On the day of the robbery, the suspect, disguised as a yeshivah bochur, entered the store and expressed interest in a certain watch.

Meanwhile, an accomplice entered the store shortly after the suspect but noticed that the door of the store didn’t open. The accomplice shook his head no the suspect and the two men left. A few hours later, the suspect against entered the store and asked the salesman to try on the watch he was looking at earlier. Shortly later, the accomplice arrived, held the store door open and signaled to the suspect to run.

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The suspect sprayed pepper spray at the two salesmen which prevented them from running after him and fled with a watch worth tens of thousands of shekels.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Shtika, you are hopefully intelligent enough to realize that if they wrote “dressed up as a yeshiva bachur” this item was written “following an intensive police investigation which revealed how the robbery was planned and carried out” and that detail has become public. But your negativity towards yeshiva bachuring is clear. If you think that you’re better, how about trying to apply the halachos of בצדק תשפוט אמיתך before posting such an inappropriate comment?
    Just substitute the word Jew for yeshiva bachur to sense what it sounds like. Be kind to yourself because we are all judged middah k’negged middah.

  2. > Shtika

    Why are you assuming that the editors “assumed” this was a disguise? The article clearly states there was a police investigation, and any reasonable report is simply stating the findings of the police investigation.

  3. Have you in your entire life heard of a Yeshiva Bachur dressed in hat and suit, with big Tzitzis hanging out, robbing a store of 20,000? Do me a favor.
    Seems like that thief was as dumb as you…