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Lapid Wants Reform Representation on Jewish Identity Administration

lapThe the Ministry of Religious Services is establishing a Jewish Identity Administration, to be headed by former IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General (reserves) Rabbi Avichai Ronsky, as was reported by YWN-ISRAEL. Bayit Yehudi leader Minister of Religious Services Naftali Bennett selected Rav Ronsky to head the administration.

During the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, 26 Elul 5773, Yesh Atid leader Finance Minister Yair Lapid stated he wants to see representatives of Reform Jewry in that body. Lapid wants the words “from all streams” inserted in the guidelines to ensure the inclusion of Conservative and Reform representatives in the Jewish Identity Administration. Lapid stated it cannot be made up of Orthodox Jews exclusively. Education Minister and Yesh Atid colleague Rabbi Shai Piron told Lapid that including Conservative and Reform results in the exclusion of the non-religious, who are unaffiliated.

Bennett proposed a compromise, changing the words “all streams” to “all sectors of the people”. Bennett’s compromise solution was accepted, thereby including non-religious, Reform and Conservative representatives in a state body responsible for defining Jewish identity.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Lapid needs to attend a psychiatrist. Lapid, lets get some Nazis to determine who should be Jewish, they were very good at that during the world war 2 !

  2. These REFORMers just don’t get it!!

    Sometime in the mid 1800’s some whackadoodles, Jews who were tired and/or ashamed of Judaism (today we call them self-hating Jews) decided to Reformulate the Jewish religion so that it would be more to their liking. First they did away with Jewish tradition. Then they threw out Halacha along with the Torah. Then some decided that you don’t have to believe in G-D. Then they made up their own religion of social “justice” based on their misinterpretation of “Tikun Olam” and they called their newly formulated religion “Reform Judaism”. Every year the self proclaimed leaders of this phony group get together at a ‘convention’ to decide what new laws will be enacted and what old laws will be tweaked so that it conforms to their way of doing business…….Oh, I mean religion.

    Unfortunately, the Reform leaders – men, women and transvestites alike, who call themselves Rabbi’s, lie to their followers & congregants. They tell them that “G-d didn’t write the Torah, men & women wrote the Bible” & “Those stories from the Torah are fables” & “You don’t have to eat only kosher or observe Shabbos – Those are old laws.”

    Reform is not Judaism.

    Conservatives are confused, some are close to Reform and others are close to Judaism.

  3. @drugcommish: “Sometime in the mid 1800’s some whackadoodles, Jews who were tired and/or ashamed of Judaism… ”

    There is something profoundly ironic about someone who will next week, in all likelihood, be swinging a chicken over his head, referring to others as “whackadoodles” – but if the years have taught me anything, it’s that Haredim have no sense of irony.

    I’m sure you and Hashem will have a good laugh later this week over how superior you are to those “Reformers” who “just don’t get it!”

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