WATCH THIS: Social Distancing In NYC?


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The videos below are from new York City on Monday.

The first video is in Manhattan, and the second video is in Williamsburg.

Clearly, this is a problem affecting all communities.

The videos speak for themselves.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Remember that most people who are exposed to the disease, either don’t get sick or don’t get anything worse than a conventional code. The death rate except among those who are very old or very sick to begin with, is not radically different than the annual flu (which most people ignore). Given that 1% of the population dies a year in the normal course of things (in Israel and New York that is just under 100K, in the United States that is several million), the projected deaths from COVID 19 are not radically high. In the past plagues killed significant percentages of the population, often leading to radical demographic changes, villages being abandoned, etc. COVID 19 is causing the worst damage to the economy than almost anything in history (worse than the world wars or the “Great Depression”, and one might question if it will be seen as “worth it”.

  2. Really akuperma, they have to use hockey rinks for dead people from the flu? We need hospital ships for the flu because so many young and fit people have their lungs fail because of the flu?
    What is your game here? Don’t answer that, I don’t care.

    And as to these videos, I hear complaints from coast to coast. These “guidelines” from the White House and the CDC are just that, nothing more than guidelines. We have over 3000 counties and 50 cites and I guess about 200 cities each with different rules. It is out of control.

  3. Are you in a cave? DAILY deaths in each community r”l. Some days multiple deaths. (4(!) funerals in CH in one day.) The morgues can’t keep up. Hospitals are overwhelmed. And this is WITH extreme social distancing. And your saying it’s just a flu??

  4. Akuperma, apart from being unbelievably coarse (six- or seven-digit fatalities aren’t all that bad, etc.), you’re not even original. “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic,” Stalin quipped back in the day.