Watch: Heartrending Hesped As Tzaddik Mourns His Brother


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Each life taken during this coronavirus pandemic is a whole world. The tears and pain for each and every one should not be forgotten.

With so many chashuve Jews passing away day after day, sometimes it can be difficult to remember, particularly when the victim was older, how much pain and sorrow each niftar’s death causes those left behind.

Even when the niftar has led a full life, leaving behind a legacy of Torah and chessed and children and grandchildren following in the ways of the Torah, there is a huge vacuum left behind in the world in general and for their loved ones in particular.

Listen to the heartrending hesped of Rosh Yeshivas Yakirei Yerushalayim, Hagaon Hatzadik Harav Yehudah Cohen for his brother, the tzaddik, Harav Eliyahu Kohanim, z’tl, who was niftar on Monday.