Tzfat: 16-Year-Old Yeshivah Bochur Hospitalized In Serious Condition


A 16-year-old yeshivah bochur from Tzfat was hospitalized in the ICU of Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in serious condition.

The bochur was transferred from a different hospital in the north due to multi-system organ failure and heart complications. He was tested for the coronavirus at the first hospital twice and both tests were negative. At Rambam, he was tested three more times and the third test was borderline positive.

Despite the uncertainty of whether he is positive for the coronavirus or not, the bochur was transferred to an isolated negated pressure room.

The condition of the 11-year-old girl from Elad who was hospitalized in critical condition in Rambam has improved and she is now fully conscious. She is being treated with medication for heart inflammation, a complication which ensued from the coronavirus and will continue to be monitored in the PICU.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)