GUN BATTLE IN NORTH: Hezbollah Terrorists Attempt To Infiltrate Israel, Northern Residents In Lockdown


The IDF thwarted an attempted Hezbollah infiltration into Israel from Lebanon on Monday afternoon, when several terrorists entered a few meters inside Israeli territory across the Blue Line [the international border]. IDF soldiers identified the terrorists and opened fire with machine guns, artillery guns and tanks.

The Hezbollah terrorists fled back into Lebanon and according to the IDF spokesperson: “we don’t know their condition.” However, a Channel 12 News report said they had been killed. There were no IDF casualties, the IDF spokesperson confirmed.

The IDF closed off roads in the Har Dov area in the wake of the incident and instructed Israeli residents of the north to remain at home. Following the end of the incident, they were given the all-clear to resume normal activity.

However, IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said that the IDF considers the incident to be ongoing. “There are tense and complicated ahead of us,” he said.

“We are amid a difficult security incident,” said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who was pulled out of a Likud meeting to be briefed on the incident. Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who was at a Blue & White party meeting, left the Knesset to travel to IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.

As tension on Israel’s northern border reached record highs amid reports of an imminent Hezbollah attack, a report on Sunday morning said that Hezbollah already initiated an attack against IDF soldiers but canceled it at the last minute.

The Walla report said that the media coverage on the increased IDF presence on the northern border led senior Hezbollah operatives to cancel the attack, which Hezbollah planned in retaliation for airstrikes on Syrian targets last week attributed to Israel which killed Hezbollah member Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad. Israel sent a warning to Hezbollah against a retaliatory strike, saying that it had no intention of killing Jawad.

The report added that the IDF warned that even if the report is true, the Hezbollah attack was only temporarily delayed and not canceled altogether. The IDF is prepared for an imminent attack and has minimized the presence of troops in open areas near the border where they could be subject to sniper fire or explosives or even the launching of anti-tank missiles.

The IDF also deployed Iron Dome batteries and artillery guns along the border on Sunday night.

IDF intelligence officials have reason to believe that the attack will be specifically on IDF soldiers and therefore the daily routine of Israeli citizens near the border had not changed apart from the closing of roads near the border.

Deputy leader of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said in an interview on the Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV channel that the terror group’s plan to retaliate against Israel still exists. “We’re already used to Israel’s threats,” Qassem said. “They’re not new for us and we won’t be dragged after them.”

“From Israel’s viewpoint, a war is unthinkable because it won’t be able to withstand it. If [a war] will break out, we’ll respond with greater force than the previous war because we’re more prepared and we’ve improved our capabilities.”

“The situation in Lebanon and Syria is not good, not in terms of its economy, not in terms of the coronavirus and not in terms of its infrastructure,” Gantz said on a visit to the Northern Command on Sunday afternoon.

“I remind both Lebanon and Syria that they are responsible for what is happening in their territory. The State of Israel will demand this responsibility. We are not looking for unnecessary escalations, but whoever tests us will meet a very strong response. I hope we will not have to use it.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hashem Yishmor, BUT they always claim there were “no casualties”, it’s propaganda, it’s about morale, plain and simple. There was a previous instance in which the IDF claimed no casualties, and there were reports of wounded soldiers being airlifted by helicopter. SO then they said, it was all disinformation to make Hezbollah THINK they had inflicted casualties, right. The same thing happened with the Iranian missiles on American airbases, a week or two later when no one was paying attention, they admitted yeah 100+ soldiers suffered concussions. Israel is much better at this than America, they have a military censor, reporters will be forbidden from the Northern Golan from some time. Now if they are massive casualties, or civilian casualties, they won’t be able to cover it up, but that usually doesn’t happen, B”H.

  2. Several terrorists entered a few meters inside Israeli territory and IDF soldiers identified the terrorists and opened fire with machine guns, artillery guns and tanks. Several is usually called between three and five. Seems that “machine guns, artillery guns and tanks.” is a great deal of firepower for 3-5 people.

  3. Theo: No problem using a group of active Hezbollah terrorists as moving target practice for tank and artillery fire…no need to place Israeli soldiers in danger by sending them in to hand to hand combat to deal with the threat…….A good decision……
    B’H’ the IDF had S’D’ on this one……

  4. “The Hezbollah terrorists fled back into Lebanon and according to the IDF spokesperson: “we don’t know their condition.” However, a Channel 12 News report said they had been killed.”

    Nutty! If they were killed they couldn’t flee!
    With all that fire power they were still able to flee? Doesn’t say much for Israeli marksmanship!

  5. Silentmoishe: If they were hit by tank fire and artillery fire, it may take some time to find out if the terrorists actually made it back into Lebanon or were vaporised on the spot………
    Israeli tanks have ‘shoot and forget’ capability……they electronically lock onto a target and they don’t miss…….