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The Tale of One Satmar United Behind Ken Thompson

tIn another sign of Joe Hynes’ eroding support in places where he used to be strong, the Satmar community in Williamsburg, both the Aaronim and Zalonim factions, have joined together as a unified force behind Democrat Ken Thompson for Brooklyn District Attorney, the campaign announced today.

“We are proud to stand with Democrats across Brooklyn in supporting Ken Thompson as our District Attorney,” said Abe Deutsch of the Zalmani Satmar community. “Ken will be a champion of justice and keep Brooklyn streets and neighborhoods safe. I encourage all Brooklynites to join me in voting for him in November.

The followers of the older brother, the “Aronim” joined in a similar statement. “We are proud to strongly support Democratic nominee Ken Thompson for Brooklyn District Attorney,” said Rabbi Moishe Indig, political director for the Aaroni Satmar community. “It’s time to unite behind our next District Attorney so that we can have a seamless transition that will keep the people of Brooklyn safe. We look forward to working with Ken Thompson in the weeks and months ahead as he brings a new vision to our criminal justice system.”

This is the first time in years that the two factions have agreed to appear on the same press release, a campaign insider noted.

Representatives of the Flatbush and Crown Heights communities also endorsed Mr. Thompson as their choice for Brooklyn DA.

“I am deeply honored to have the overwhelming support of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities,” said Democratic nominee for Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. “I plan to work together with every community to ensure our neighborhoods are safer and stronger. We are united to restore the principles of justice and integrity in the District Attorney’s office.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. B”H. I was looking at the above photo and was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr. Thompson was mehgayer as a yid and now wears a yarmulka like any frumme.

  2. He looks like a Lubavitcher Ger singing Yechi Hamelech HaMoshiach Now.

    Satmar will not go out to vote. Since they’re all united, there nothing to win by winning.

  3. @#2: Actually they do always vote and in large numbers since it provides a tremendous amount of influence with newly elected candidates who won their powerful bloc vote.

  4. Given the attitudes Hynes expressed towards Satmar duringthe past year, basically saying that most Satmarers were not very nice people and he would do something about it, its shocking that he had any support from anyone frum at all. Even if he will favor African Americans over all otgher groups, that has less impact on frum Jews than a DA who says he will go out of his way to prosecute Hasidim regardless of law or evidence.

  5. I love the yarmulke gimmick. Yarmulke = unnecessary patronizing for votes. What’s next Dov Hikind wearing a cross to get the few remaining Italian-American votes in his district.

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