The Unsung Heroes of the Detroit Jewish Community


by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

They are the unsung Jewish heroes of the Detroit Jewish community.  A Palestinian entered a Kosher Jewish store in the Detroit Jewish community and tried intimidating shoppers into saying “Free Palestine.”

They didn’t.

Instead, they heroically refused.

Indeed, one customer confronted him outside of the store and asked, “You have nothing to do in your life?”

The Kosher store is called “The Grove” – but it was originally called “One Stop.”  The manager of the meat market was the one who bravely told the man to leave.  That same person who asked, “You have nothing to do in your life” at the end of the video (originally posted by the Arab Youtuber) said into the camera, “There is no Palestine.”

A student studying in New York remarked, “This is disgusting.  I can’t believe this happened in my neighborhood.  It is appalling to see something like this and is so unfortunate.  I am so proud of the reaction of the shoppers and the meat manager.”

“I think that it was awesome that nobody responded to him.  They didn’t even acknowledge him essentially saying, ‘move on.’  That was great,” remarked M.K., a social worker from Detroit now working in New York City.

Go Detroit!

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  1. Not sure why they are called “heroes”. Thankfully here in Michigan, one can easily carry a weapon and many frum people here own weapons.