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IS SPIRIT AIRLINES ANTI-SEMITIC? Another Two Jewish Passengers Get Banned From Airline – They Claim They Did Nothing

Is Spirit Airlines targeting Jews? That’s what it seems like, after more Jews were banned from flying with the airlines for no reason whatsoever.

Just three days ago, YWN published an article about a family who received a letter from Spirit Airlines banning them from flying for two years. YWN reported that the family of five children and parents had an uneventful flight from a NY area airport to Florida in mid-January, and received a letter banning them three weeks later.

In the article, YWN reported how we had spoked to a family member who said that they were all masked as required by law, and had no altercation with any of the flight crew. They never left their seats, and sat in their assigned seats the entire flight. Not a word was said to the family about any mask issue or any other issues during the entire duration of the flight.

In our article, YWN was careful to never mention that the family was Jewish, or that it was anything to do with anti-Semitism. But since YWN published the article, we have received at least two additional reports of incidents receiving the same letter.

Both new cases involved flights from NY to Florida or Florida to NY.

One of the incidents involved a Jewish female, who also tells YWN that she had no incident whatsoever, and not one word was said to her by any of the flight crew or other passenger’s during the entire flight. She was masked the entire flight and never left her seat. She tells YWN that she was stunned to receive a letter banning her from the airline three weeks later.

“You were aware of this (mask mandate), but still refused to wear a face covering onboard (the flight)”, the letter reads. “Your failure to comply with spirit’s face covering policy and crew member instructions despite numerous requests caused great concern to your fellow guests and crew”.

“As a result of your aforementioned behavior, Spirit Airlines has determined that you are no longer permitted to fly with us, and we have placed you on a list for that purpose. You are also barred from entering Spirit’s facilities. If you seek to circumvent this, any ticket that you purchase will be forfeit without a refund. If you come into our facilities, we will report that trespass to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

The letters ends by Spirit saying that she has to contact them in two years from the date of the letter to request that Spirit revisit the restrictions.

Besides for YWN questioning if the airline is singling out Jews, we can also let our readers know that Spirit Airlines clearly has no clue what’s going on in their own company.

One of the individuals who was banned from flying for two years received an email from the airline AFTER they were banned thanking them for flying and “looking forward to seeing them on a Spirit flight soon”.

YWN has been informed that a lawsuit is going to be filed against Spirit Airlines. If you were banned from the airline and received the same letter, please let YWN know immediately. 

Read the letter below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

26 Responses

  1. The airlines have no effective way of banning specific persons. They can send the person a certified letter saying he’s no longer welcome. But they don’t have enough information to stop him from flying with them again if the passenger buys a new ticket using a different home address and a different credit card number or method of payment.

  2. Why doesn’t YWN reach out to Spirit for comment??
    This is very possibly happening and if it is, they need to be held accountable.
    That being said, saying spirit has no idea what’s going on inside their own company because the person got an email thanking tjem for flying with spirit after being banned is not a proof…..those are automated emails sent to everyone who traveled on that flight.

  3. Now watch how some self hating anti semites will again stick up for the airline in the most indirect way.
    “Well you have to understand how the airline staff are in constant exposure, & if people don’t follow the mask Mandate, there will be a zero tolerance rule”.
    Stop defending the innocent until you know for a fact that they are guilty.
    This has been happening time & time again that good old fashioned anti semitism is constantly being advanced by airlines.
    On the other hand,Frum people have to realize that YES we are constantly being targeted, & please go the extra mile to always always follow the guidelines in public areas even if it makes no sense.
    Let’s all here the good news very soon!

  4. ID is not required to purchase a ticket. And passengers can switch what form of ID they provide at the airport (driver’s license, passport, military ID, Medicaid/Food Stamps ID, etc.)

  5. I don’t see any evidence of antisemitism here; you have no idea how many non-Jews received the same baffling letters, and they would be unlikely to contact you about them. It could easily be that most of the people receiving these letters are not Jewish; I don’t know, but neither do you. All we can say based on these three examples is that something has gone badly wrong at Spirit. What it is, we can’t say; antisemitism is only one possibility, and not the one to jump to without evidence.

  6. Sounds like Spirit has some antisemitic NY or FL based crew member falsely reporting orthodox Jews. That doesn’t mean Spirit Airlines is antisemitic, but they should investigate these reports and act upon it.

  7. No one is saying Ask Chuckie or Nadler to Investagate and damend answers.!!!
    Because we all know who Chuckie Shomer Islamist spineless he is.
    So NY reap what you sew.

  8. There seems to be an issue with the crews on the FL-NY flights. Maybe they should hold off on this lawsuit, see how many more get this letter in the next few weeks? The more involved, the greater the case against Spi(ri)t Airlines

  9. Spirit paper-pushers can not understand how they are mixing up these letters and they all end up being sent to Jews. this is one of the hidden miracles that Hashem performs for us, trying to stop us from flying to vacations during a pandemic. He wants us daven at home.

  10. I don’t see anywhere in your misspelled reporting where you asked Spirit Airlines about this. Did you reach out to them for comment? Did they decline or just not answer. Who did you speak attempt to speak to? A customer service rep, their public relations department, an executive?

    Here’s why this “news” website has so little credibility. You finally make a story that’s not from AP, and you barely give one side. There are many reasons why these events could have happened (if true):

    (1) Spirit Airlines truly IS anti-semitic and is targeting Jews.
    (2) These people who sent you letters really DID do something wrong, they just don’t see it or won’t admit it, and want to shift blame to their accuser. Gaslighting. You’d know a lot about that.
    (3) Spirit Airlines made an error, and they would correct it when it’s shown to them. Perhaps they had the wrong seat number. Perhaps these letters went out because of a computer error being handled by an overwhelmed system with too few workers. Those of us that actually fly regularly (or engage with any business) see that errors happen occasionally. And they’re usually resolved with a simple phone call.

    Of course we, your dear readers, will never know because you didn’t do the most basic work of asking the other party.

    This is another example of the Jewish problem: “Why are you singling us out?!” and “Why aren’t you singling us out?!” all at the same time.

  11. I flew with Spirit once from NY to Fla about a year and a half ago. it was a terrible flight, late, unordered, delayed, and crowded boarding and deboarding. My son told me it is one of the worst to fly with.
    Since then I have used other carriers. I recommend that all Jews fly another airline.

  12. Obviously, I don’t know what happened with these people. If their version of the story is true, Spirit’s conduct is egregious.

    I have flown with my family on over a dozen Spirit flights, including the NY-Miami routes, in the past year, and probably about a hundred in the past decade (Anti-Semitism is not Covid-related).

    We have never had a problem, and we have never seen another Jewish person have a problem. On one of our flights, there was an issue with someone who was not Jewish, and was removed from the plane upon arrival.

  13. Is it possibly to check out who are the Spirit flight attendants who file complaints against these passengers? I’m wondering if it isn’t one specific anti-Semitic flight attendant who is behind all of these cases. There are some people who’d written about the pleasant experience/s they’ve had with Spirit. If it’s one or two flight Jew-hating attendants filing false reports, then this makes sense. You had the good mazel to fly with a nice crew while others were less fortunate.

  14. Why are we trusting these self-reports? we had one case here supported by a long video and we here on camera statement that this case is about a 1.5 year old kid, and then off-camera discussion that the “kids” took mask only for “several minutes” and also see several adults struggling to properly wear a mask. So, these witnesses are not reliable. It well may be that the passengers themselves do not realize that they are not conforming based on lax behavior in their own communities. Maybe they think that periodic conformance, maybe after quick reminders, is sufficient. You need to weight it against pre-Corona evidence – with so many people flying and no complaints besides usual air inconveniences.

    Some people here think that crews are “too strict” in general, but maybe we should respect the company and the crew right to determine what is risky for them.

    Maybe this protest is organized by Catskills Chamber of Commerce? They want to get Spirit out of business, so Jews would come back to their resorts.

  15. It is time to take these airlines off our fly list. they will then reign in their anti-semitic crews, and stop them from abusing their power.

  16. Spirit needs to fire whoever is in charge of implementing their Purge all Yidden Campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Two or three families banned, out of the thousands and thousands of yiddishe families that have flown with them recently?
    Such a poor job that, were it not for this news site, one wouldn’t even know there was a campaign.

  17. They’re ALL antisemitic unfortunately. On Delta on American on all. I was singled out for no reason while others were comfortably lounging wo proper masking. They banned a few chasidish looking women to travel Delta for 2 years for no other reason than moving their masks when they ate. It was horrible. Nothing we can do. lIs part of our Gaulus. We need to face it.

  18. @Nowayjose @catch yourself @Always_Ask_Questions

    Instead of suspecting jewish passengers as liars, and the suspected company as having been correct in this scenario, maybe you should learn the halachos of judging other jews favorably, dan lkaf zchus.

    The only thing I think wasnt correcty determined is what @milhouse pointed out that goyim could have received the same letters and (obviously) didn’t contact yeshiva world, and then we don’t have evidence of antisemitism, only evidence that spirit is confused and messed up.

    great comment @commonsaychel.

    nice job @Realisticguy on another ywn page, he wrote “You should just say thank you and move on…hoepfully spirit will ban enough people it puts itself out of business”

  19. Those who run Spirit’s “Purge all Yidden Campaign” should be fired for their incompetence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thousands and thousands of yiddishe families have flown with them recently — yet only two or three get banned??

  20. @catch yourself

    what i meant to tell u is that majority of the time this doesnt happen. otherwise, wed have a lot more stories. if you and your friends have flown without trouble, its a pretty good indication of quality, but doesn´t mean the problem didn´t happen.

    ¨I know someone who wore a mask, and didn´t get coronavirus when he was exposed…¨


    Yes. thats why ywn wrote that it happened on those routes. But it will be interesting to point out that the recent frontier and delta incidents involving jews were both on miami-ny routes.

    And yes, to all those who have seen goyim get kicked off flights, it happens. I believe there is usually a refusal in those scenarios, rather than getting kicked off without a warning, or refusing your 1 yr old to wear a mask. Also, some flight attendents are just covid freaks.

  21. YWN should definitely reach out to Spirit to hear they’re side of the story. However, I’d probably survive for 2 years w/o flying spirit. They are prob the worst airline in regards to service and even on price they will always get you somewhere so you pay more. JetBlue, United, AA or Delta etc. are all way better.

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