Yair Lapid: “I Offered Bennett To Be PM First In Rotation”

Yair Lapid (Screenshot)

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Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid confirmed on Monday night that he offered to form a unity government with Yamina leader Naftali Bennett, with the latter serving first as prime minister in a rotation agreement.

“The test for a leader is to make tough decisions in complex situations,” Lapid said. “I offered Bennett a unity government in which he would serve first in a rotation between us.”

Lapid continued that “this is what the country needs now…to prevent a government headed by a criminal suspect and dependent on racists and extremists.”

Prior to the elections, Bennett signed a pledge that he would not sit in a government headed by Lapid.

The members of Yamina on Monday recommended Bennett to form a government despite the fact that the party won only seven mandates.



  1. to prevent a government headed by a criminal suspect This is such a distorted false description of Netayanhu:- Netanyahu is simply a victim of a conspiracy to malign him out of Jealousy for his wonderful achievements.