“We’re Scared To Walk The Streets” – Arab Attacks On Bochurim Continue

Illustrative. Yeshiva bochurim in pre-coronavirus days. (Photo: Shuki Lehrer)

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Yeshivah bochurim told Kikar H’Shabbat that they’re scared to walk the streets of Jerusalem following encounters with violent Arab youths.

Bochurim from Yeshivas Yad Aharon in Katamon said that they went for a walk by the Tayelet (Haas promenade) on Wednesday night at 11:30 p.m.and encountered three Arabs in their 20s. One of the Arabs kicked one of the bochurim. The bochurim began running away and the Arabs chased after them while throwing stones and sticks at them.

“B’Chasdei Shamayim, the bochurim managed to escape with only minor injuries,” one of the bochurim said. “But the day before, other bochurim from the yeshivah were beaten up by a different group of Arabs.”

“During Ramadan, the Arabs come out against the Jews and especially against young teens. What situation have we reached – in the capital of the state of Israel, in a Jewish neighborhood – bochurim can’t take a walk without being beaten up? We’re mamash scared to go out and it doesn’t seem like the police are putting an end to it.”

Bochurim from Beis Matisyahu were attacked on Rechov Kanfei Nesharim in Yerushalayim. One of the bochurim told Kikar: “We returned to our homes in Jerusalem at 1 a.m. in the morning. Suddenly a black car appeared behind us, four Arabs came out wielding clubs, waving them in the air to threaten us.”

“One bochur managed to escape but my friend and I were beaten on all parts of our bodies. They then left us on the ground and fled the same way they came.”

“We don’t even have words to describe the humiliation we suffered. We never dreamed we would reach such a situation on Rechov Kanfei Nesharim in Yerushalayim.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Some military patrols should be around, and any Arab attacking a Jew should be neutralized on the spot. The carcasses should not be returned.

  2. Not trying to excuse what Arabs are doing, but why aren’t any of these bochurim wearing masks? Of course assaulting jews is terrible, but not wearing a mask is murder! In fact, not wearing masks is likely what causes all this Anti-Semitism in the first place!

  3. The little I know, have you forgotten halakha? we do not neutralize people for assault. perhaps these yungerleit should volunteer for army service; Arabs do not dare attack IDF soldiers in uniform stam azoi.

  4. Mr Fake not understanding why we need to bury our heads in sand and lose the right to have our own opinion and not buy the media garbage etc

  5. interesting, these bochrim ran from a fight, while in Ponevitch, the bochrim fight with not just other bochrim, but also the rabbis….

  6. In response to fake yeshiva bochur, the law now in Israel is masks outdoors are NOT required anymore and advisable in indoor public areas, but anyway this particular photo is “illustrative” which means it may be from ages ago.

  7. All Bochurim should carry weapons and special Tefillos need to be said as well as extra chesed. The combination of these three actions will remove this problem.

  8. Are we blind to Hashem’s calling for Teshuva?? Sure, the IDF can try harder and we can take all sorts of precautions such as staying indoors or carrying mace. But until we do teshuva, it won’t help. Hashem has many other ways of sending messages too!

  9. Fake Yeshiva Bachur… Masks are no longer required to be worn outside, in Israel.
    [Fascinating that you think that the Arab hatred toward Jews is because Jews don’t wear masks… I’ll have it ponder that…. idiot.]

  10. Fake yeshiva bachur … I guess you are not on top of isreali policies masks do not need to be worn out doors anymore… and most people in Israel whether charedi, chiloni,arabs, Russians, or any other nationality there are all happy to be forgetting about their masks…. bad argument

  11. @fake yeshiva bochur

    You do know Israel has lifted wearing masks in public areas since before this happened?

    In any case we should judge each other a little more favorably and not jump to conclusions. Avoid loshon hara about an entire group of yidden with yira shamayim

  12. i warned my sons that if they are caught in these dangerous streets i will heavily punish them. and will get them home immediately