“What Would You Do If It Was Your City?”

People look at a house after it was hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, in Yehud, central Israel, Wednesday, May 12, 2021. The house was hit Tuesday as barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward central Israel. (AP Photo/Heidi Levine)

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The myth that Israel even needs other nations to defend “its right to protect itself” is an enduring one, a recurring theme every time Hamas and other terror groups launch rockets into Israeli cities and Israel retaliates by striking the Gaza Strip.

Israel is seemingly the only country in the world that has to defend its right to prevents its own citizens from being killed and injured. And even if that right is”granted,” the Jewish state must be condemned for a “disproportionate response” on poor innocent Palestinian civilians, the very ones that birthed and educated the terrorists within their midst.

Granted, Palestinian children are innocent like all children but their deaths are on the heads of their society’s leaders, who purposely house their military headquarters in high-rise residential buildings, using small children and civilians as human shields. And of course, if terror groups in the Strip wouldn’t throw rockets on Israel, Israel wouldn’t attack the Strip. It’s that simple.

In a perhaps futile attempt to show the light to the international community, the IDF published a video entitled: “Imagine if this was your reality.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Video forgot to include “Imagine if it was Amsterdam” and the moluccans have done more than their share of terrorism on the Dutch, including taking hostages on a train on December 2, 1975 with 50 passengers aboard, and yet again on May 23, 1977, again with 50 passengers aboard, and I am old enough to remember numerous IRA bombings in London including the bomb at Harrods on December 17th, 1983:- שבת ויחי י”א טבת תשד”ם