Modiin Illit Residents Hear “Kill The Jews” From Neighboring Arab Village

Modiin Illit

Many Arabs residents of Israel celebrated with whoops of joy when rockets from the Gaza Strip began hitting Israel.

The Arabs in Na’alin, the village neighboring Modiin Illit went a step further and incited its residents to “murder the Jews” over a loudspeaker, shocking their Jewish next-door neighbors, who often buy products in the village and have their cars washed there, Kikar H’Shabbat reported.

As air-raid sirens pierced the night, the Jews heard the loudspeaker crackle to life, with the announcer inciting the village residents to murder the Jews, continuing with calls of solidarity with the terrorists in Gaza and the struggle for the “occupation of Jerusalem.”

“It’s good to know exactly who we’re dealing with,” a resident of the city told Kikar. “It doesn’t make sense to continue entering these villages, where our enemies live, even if it’s cheaper there.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)