Jewish Worker Awarded $900K In Lawsuit Over Anti-Semitic Jokes At Work


A New York jury has awarded a Jewish deliveryman $900,000 in damages for the anti-Semitic harassment he endured by three supervisors at the restaurant where he worked, The New York Post reported Monday.

According to The Post, Night-shift manager Artur Zbozien often “passed gas” in front of Wiercinski, and would then joke that the gas was Zyklon B, the poison used in Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust, according to the Brooklyn federal court lawsuit.

Other supervisors would dock Wiercinski’s tips, call him a “Jewish pederast,” and throw pennies at him, again making anti-Semitic jokes, the lawsuit said.

“They would call him a ‘dirty Jew,’ and when he would say, ‘But I took a bath,’ they would laugh and say, ‘No, you still smell like Jew,’ ” his lawyer, Matthew Blit, told The Post.

Wiercinski stayed at his working place despite the abuse because, “He was 50 years old,” explained Blit. “He said, ‘Who else is going to hire a 50-year-old deliveryman.’ He was afraid.”

The jury reached a verdict Thursday in just four hours.

“It’s a very happy ending — I’m in another world,” said Adam Wiercinski, of Washington Heights.

Photo: Lorenzo Ciniglio – NY Post

(YWN Newsdesk – NYC)


  1. The article did not name the restaurant, or indicate whether the verdict was against the restaurant and/or the personnel who made the anti-Semitic comments.

    There is no explanation of the photo content accompanying the article. Is the man in the foreground the plaintiff? Is the restaurant in the background the restaurant where he worked? If not, YWN owes an apology (and maybe more) to the restaurant in the photo.

  2. nfgo3 – the NYpost has this pic posted on their site with the following words, “Adam Wiercinski said he was subject to anti-Semitic abuse by supervisors at midtown restaurant Mangia 57.”

    Always good to do your research before posting.

  3. No. 2: First of all, are you saying that the New York Post is more reliable than YWN? That is worse than anything I have ever said about YWN. As for doing research before posting, I was not commenting on the New York Post report, I was commenting on the content of YWN.

    And your comment did not address my substantive question about the verdict: was it against the employer/restaurant, the personnel who made the taunts, and/or anyone else?

  4. I’m glad he won on an emotional level, but how in the world do you justify a $900,000 price for harassing words? Did they dock him half a million in tips?