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HATE IN CANADA: Beatings, Rocks, Anti-Semitic Imagery, Slurs

Anti-Semitic incidents have risen to an unprecedented level in Canada since the start of Operation Guardian of the Walls, with incidents occurring throughout the country but especially in the cities of Montreal and Canada, JTA reported.

In Montreal, several Jews were physically assaulted at a pro-Israel rally, others had rocks thrown at them, and the Israeli consulate was vandalized.

In Toronto, Bnai Brith Canada reported on a huge protest downtown over the weekend, during which over a thousand pro-Palestinian protesters marched to the Israeli consulate, yelling for an intifada. Protesters carried flags and signs with anti-Semitic imagery including images of Israeli Jews as pigs and IDF soldiers as Nazis. In one horrifying incident, a Jew was beaten with a stick by an Arab.

Furthermore, a report by the UJA Community Security published examples of additional anti-Semitic incidents include hateful graffiti targeting the parking lot of a shul and Jewish daycare; a Jewish customer verbally harassed and chased out of a retail business for being Jewish; a Jewish father and his young child verbally harassed on the street with antisemitic slurs, including comments that they should have been “gassed” and “burned”; mock eviction notices posted on the doors of multiple Jewish homes, as part of an anti-Israel boycott campaign; and, a family verbally harassed by occupants of a vehicle flying a Palestinian flag, calling the family “baby killers,” according to an Arutz Sheva report.

In Calgary, people participating in a pro-Israel rally were beaten, and during pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations, “someone on the pro-Palestine side threw water bottles at the other side, and a young woman was hit in the head,” the Canadian Press reported.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The Prime Minister is a Liberal Jew Hater. Loves the Arabs.
    Islam has taken over the world. They are everywhere.
    Only Hashem can save us.

  2. My 12 year old brother was told in Montreal by an Arab that he can “send him to Palestine right now!” A different relative was passing two arabs on the street and one stepped forward and made a gun motion with his hands. There are many incidents that simply go unreported

  3. Democrats and Liberals tolerate antisemitism. They might tweet antisemitism is unacceptable after an attack but they don’t do anything to prevent it. You vote Democrat you allow criminals to do what they want. If you vote Republican or conservative you have safe streets.

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